24 Oct 2016
Ownership Thinking

I was asked recently to speak to a group of college students about lessons learned from my 35 years in the marketplace.  As you can imagine, narrowing 35 years of experience down to a 30-minute talk was fairly challenging, but one of the topics I chose for these students – and a factor that has...

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27 Sep 2016
Larry May to Serve as USI’s 2016 Executive in Residence

Keller Schroeder’s President Larry May will serve as the 2016 Executive in Residence for the University of Southern Indiana’s Romain College of Business. His presentation, titled “The Value of Ownership and Running Shoes,” will be presented at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 5, in Carter Hall in University Center West. The presentation is free and open to...

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26 Jul 2016
Vision Trumps Strategy

We businesspeople love our strategies.  We conduct strategy meetings and summits, develop strategic plans, and more.  And yet on a recent mission trip to El Salvador I was reminded, perhaps more vividly than ever, that vision trumps strategy.  If you don’t know your destination, a map for getting there is pretty useless.  Kurt Ackermann is...

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15 Mar 2016
Cruise Control

As a long-time resident of Evansville, I had heard about the benefits of I-69 so many times, and had awaited its arrival for so long, that I actually became a bit numb to it.  But on a recent drive to Indianapolis, I was reawakened to its benefits.  I packed and dressed as usual for my...

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19 Jan 2016
Leadership Transition at Keller Schroeder

As we transition into a new year, it is my pleasure to announce an upcoming leadership transition at Keller Schroeder.  I will be retiring from the Company in first quarter 2017, and our Board of Directors has selected Jeff Gorman as my successor. Many of you know Jeff already as our Business Unit Director for...

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23 Nov 2015

There is much written and taught on the topic of leadership.  While the most often-cited examples of influential leaders are those who run large organizations or hold positions of authority, we are inspired when we hear stories of those who have emerged as powerful leaders from unexpected places having no obvious resources or credentials to...

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30 Jul 2015
Bandwagon Thinking

I don’t get it, but people sometimes accuse me of being a “bandwagon” guy.   I’m a huge St. Louis baseball fan and a lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fan.  Just because the Cardinals have won more World Series Championships than any other National League team, and the Wildcats have won more games than any other Division...

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21 May 2015
If I Could Hire Your Next CIO

If I were your company’s next CEO looking to hire your company’s next CIO (Chief Information Officer), here’s the kind of person I would be looking for: 1.   Someone who cares more about our business than our data center. With the speed of change in technology, and the emerging opportunities to use it for strategic advantage,...

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20 Mar 2015
The Leadership Pipeline – Taking an Honest Look

Dan Ehrhart,  Vice President – Applications Solutions Group Whether you are an executive or a frontline manager, regularly assessing and investing in your “leadership pipeline” in an intentional way is important for the health of your organization. You often cannot move up, move on, or retire in good conscience without a successor. If there is no...

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