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21 Jul 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Macros - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Macros on Macros

Cybercriminals are using innocent-looking Microsoft Word documents which include a less innocent pop-up that asks you to enable macros.

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14 Jul 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Kaseya - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Kaseya Security Crisis Scams

Cybercriminals are now using the Kaseya incident as bait to catch your attention and manipulate your emotions.

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13 Jul 2021
Why Modernization?

When the cost of NOT modernizing becomes detrimental to the health of an organization, modernization becomes a priority.

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12 Jul 2021
Reflection - What Am I Wrong About - Keller Schroeder
What Am I Wrong About?

The responsibility of helping people pursue a common goal creates constant opportunities for uncertainty and self-reflection.

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30 Jun 2021
Infrastructure Leadership - Stephen Sleziak - Gina Minnette- Ryan Kremer
Infrastructure Leadership Transition

As Stephen Sleziak announces his retirement, Gina Minnette and Ryan Kremer have been named Keller Schroeder Vice Presidents.

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30 Jun 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 5 Stars - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Five-Star Fraud

Cybercriminals often use fake reviews that seem legitimate to trick users into downloading malicious browser extensions.

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17 Jun 2021
New Infrastructure Partnerships Keller Schroeder
New Infrastructure Solutions Partnerships

Keller Schroeder continuously evaluates new technology solutions to meet the evolving technical needs of our clients.

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17 Jun 2021
Think Automation

Automated systems are an important tool utilized by most forward-thinking businesses. But why is automation so important?

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16 Jun 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 FINRA Phishing - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Phony FINRA Phishing

Organizations strive to be compliant with regulations, which is why receiving an email that appears to be from FINRA can be quite startling.

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10 Jun 2021
Leadership Announcement - Matt Barton - Tom Vargo (1)
Keller Schroeder Announces New Appointments to Executive Team

As a result of continued growth, the employee-owners at Keller Schroeder are pleased to formally announce two appointments to the company’s executive team.

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