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13 Oct 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Data Breach - Website
Security Tip of the Week – The Ultimate Data Breach Database

With a year full of high-profile data breaches, one cybercriminal has created the ultimate database.

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05 Oct 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 James Bond - Website
Security Tip of the Week – No Time to Phish

Cybercriminals are using the release of the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, as phish bait to hook unsuspecting fans.

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29 Sep 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Shortened URLs - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Shortened URLs are a Sneaky Shortcut

In a new phishing scam, cybercriminals use shortened LinkedIn URLs to sneak into your inbox. Don't fall for this scam!

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22 Sep 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Spear Phishing - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Friendly Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a phishing attack that targets a specific person and appears to come from a trusted source.

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15 Sep 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 LinkedIn - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Phony LinkedIn Job Postings

Job postings on LinkedIn aren’t as secure against cybercriminals as you might think.

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14 Sep 2021
Is Your Organization Protected Against Ransomware?

A new ransomware group is targeting US businesses. Are you protected if your organization is next?

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01 Sep 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 COVID - Website
Security Tip of the Week – COVID-19 is the Never-ending Phish Bait

Cybercriminals have used COVID-19 as phish bait since the start of the pandemic, and they’re not stopping any time soon.

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25 Aug 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Copyright - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Beware of Copyright Scammers

In a recent phishing scam, users are told that they have violated copyright laws and must take immediate action to protect their accounts.

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18 Aug 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Facebook - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Scammers Continue with Another Facebook Scam

Scammers recently used their own third-party Android apps to hijack over 10,000 Facebook accounts using the "Continue with Facebook" button.

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11 Aug 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Multi-Layered - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Multi-layered Microsoft Scam

In a recent phishing scam, bad guys combined some of their favorite tricks to create an extra special phishing email.

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