Mission-critical applications in today’s enterprises are driving the proliferation of servers and the exponential growth of data storage. New systems and more marketplace knowledge provide important competitive advantages, but the impact on your data center and your network infrastructure can be stifling.

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Keller Schroeder helps our clients leverage the marketplace advantages of better systems and more actionable information, without being encumbered by the technical challenges of growth such as:

  • Unmanageable numbers of servers and peripherals
  • Unchecked growth of storage capacity
  • Data storage “silos” – preventing shared access to common data sources
  • Redundancy and unnecessary consumption of precious space and energy resources
  • Complicated and/or compromised business continuity plans

Server virtualization reduces management and administrative burdens by partitioning larger physical servers into multiple, smaller virtual machines. This strategy also supports “green” initiatives by reducing energy consumption and space requirements for heating/air support while minimizing the disposal of old equipment.

Storage virtualization goes hand in hand with server virtualization, improving operational efficiencies and hiding the complexity of data storage, backup and recovery operations. Centralized storage with data de-duplication can drastically reduce storage needs – by as much as 80 percent. Encrypted tape backup solutions offer peace of mind for critical offsite archival of information.

By decoupling physical storage from individual servers, and by combining multiple virtual servers “under the hood” of fewer, larger physical machines, our clients are experiencing drastic reductions in cost and capital investment requirements.

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