Trainings to Help You Unlock the Power of Data Visualization

Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Group offers five training/working sessions designed by our team to help you make the most of Microsoft’s Power BI. Our experts will provide guidance and support as you learn how to create effective data visualizations, uncover insights from your data sets, and gain the skills needed to use Power BI for business intelligence. Whether you are new to Power BI or an experienced user looking for more advanced techniques, these sessions will give you the tools and knowledge needed for success.


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Power BI Analyst Bootcamp

This half-day training session provides a high-level introductory overview of Power BI. During the session, participants will learn how to connect to data, perform basic transformations on imported data, construct data models, build Power BI dashboards, and publish and distribute the results.

Target Audience: Business Analysts, Dashboard Developers

Session Duration: Half-Day

Power BI Administrator Bootcamp

This half-day training session will provide participants with the skills to manage and secure their data, configure data connections, and deploy complex dashboards. Participants will learn about licensing options, installation of on-premise data gateways, best methods for CI/CD, creation of row level security, and secure B2B/B2C dashboards. By the end of this training, participants will feel comfortable configuring data connections, managing access to workspaces.

Target Audience: Solutions Architects, Database Administrators, Administrators

Session Duration: Half-Day

Power BI Super User Bootcamp

This day-and-a-half-long training session covers all major topics in both the Power BI Analyst and Administrator bootcamps, allowing participants to become proficient at connecting to data through different methods and connectors, developing data models, producing dashboards, and publishing them. Additionally, participants will learn about Power BI licensing options, installing and configuring on-premise data gateways, setting up CI/CD best practices, managing access to workspaces, data sets and dashboards, creating row level security for B2B/B2C dashboards and more.

Target Audience: Analysts, BI Developers, Solutions Architects, Database Administrators, Administrators

Session Duration: One-and-a-Half Days

Dashboarding Workshop

During this comprehensive training session, our experienced data analysts will help break down and reverse-engineer an existing dashboard implemented within the client organization, and then they create a Power BI dashboard that is enhanced with additional calculated columns and measures. The process includes understanding best practices for relating data together, transforming data, and developing the visualizations.
At the end of the workshop, our team will have created a robust Power BI dashboard that is ready for business use. We will even provide documentation of the session as well as a Q&A forum for further discussion. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to elevate your organization’s dashboarding capabilities with Power BI.

Target Audience: Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, BI Analysts, BI Developers

Session Duration: Est. 3–4 Hours (Duration is subject to change based on the complexity of the dashboard)

Requirements Gathering & Business Presentation

During this two-part training session, our data analysts will equip business and reporting teams with the necessary tools to effectively generate reports. Through two facilitated sessions, participants can gain insights into the essential data elements, key performance indicators, and visuals needed within the dashboard. They will then receive feedback on how to improve their presentation and enhance the dashboard to better suit their needs. This training stands as the foundation for clients to conduct internal iterative dashboarding.

Target Audience: Business Users (i.e. Manager in FP&A, Operations, etc.) and Dashboard Developers (i.e. Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, BI Analysts, Data Scientists, BI Analysts, BI Developers)

Session Durations:

  • Requirements Gathering Session: Est. .5–2 Hours (Duration is subject to change based on the complexity of the dashboard)

  • Business Presentation Session: Duration is subject to change based on the complexity of the dashboard and requirements established in the previous session


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