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Save the Date – 2019 Technology Vendor Summit

Technology Vendor Summit Logo

Our second largest event is coming back in 2019! Mark your calendars for our second annual Technology Vendor Summit on April 10th, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST) at the Old National Events Plaza in Evansville. Further details will be coming to your inbox soon.

As with last year’s event, you can expect the area’s largest gathering of technology vendor partners, high-quality key note speakers, informative breakout sessions, your opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow IT professionals, and a chance for you to help us give back to our community.

Technology Vendor Summit
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Old National Events Plaza
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

If you would like to hear from clients who attended last year’s event, take a look at this video:
2018 Technology Vendor Summit | From a Client’s Point of View

Photos and a list of vendor partners who helped make last year’s event such a success can be viewed here:
2018 Technology Vendor Summit

If you loved last year’s event and want to go ahead and register, you can sign up here:
Register for the 2019 Event

Additional details will be online soon, stay tuned!
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Keller Schroeder’s Boomerang Retirement Program

Staffing Solutions Group DirectorSusie Mattingly – [Business Unit Director, Staffing Solutions]

Boomerang Retirement Group of EmployeesAre you facing the loss of skilled, experienced employees to retirement? The Baby Boomer generation is retiring in record numbers between now and 2030, requiring companies like yours to replace experienced talent and hard-to-find skills. New hires take time to train and acclimate to your company’s culture and procedures.  Keller Schroeder’s Boomerang Retirement Program offers a unique way to fill that gap.  The retiree can return to work for Keller Schroeder as a consultant.  They would be assigned to work at your company, as requested, to train and mentor employees, work on special projects, or for staff augmentation.

Benefits to You as the Employer:

  • The retiree completely separates from your company’s payroll and benefits.
  • Your company maintains unique, hard-to-find skills from talent who knows your culture and procedures.
  • Use as much or as little of the retiree’s services as needed—for months at a time as staff augmentation or sporadically for project work on a part time or full time basis.

Benefits for the Retiree:

  • No corporation to set up to become self-employed and no invoices to send.
  • Receives a pay check as a Keller Schroeder employee for hours worked and receives a W-2 form for tax purposes.
  • Receives challenging work assignments involving projects, handling of pressing problems, or training and mentoring junior employees.
  • Flexible schedules, part time or full time hours and remote work when appropriate.
  • Benefits including health insurance (if not of Medicare age) along with vision and dental insurance—even for those enrolled in Medicare.

Keller Schroeder Boomerang Retirement Program

What is a Boomerang Retiree?
An individual that retires from an organization but is willing to assist the organization for a temporary period of time as a consultant on a contractual basis.

Why was this program created?
This program was designed with the ever-growing population of ‘Baby Boomers’ in mind. Baby Boomers were born from 1946 – 1964 and began to reach full retirement age in 2012.  Recent statistics show 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day and will continue through 2030. Starting in 2016, on average, five Baby Boomers will retire for every one new hire.

Why would a retiree want to go back to work?
Often, leaving a satisfying job cold-turkey for retirement can be an abrupt jolt to employees accustomed to feeling purposeful, earning money, and enjoying relationships with their colleagues. The Boomerang Retirement Program allows them to negotiate a work schedule that affords them the benefits of both continuing to work and retirement simultaneously. For your business, it is extremely beneficial to have experienced hands train junior employees or new hires and pass along institutional wisdom, company processes, and project insights with fewer strings attached.

How does Keller Schroeder’s Boomerang Retirement Program work?
The retiree becomes a Keller Schroeder employee and is assigned to work at the former employer’s company as a consultant full time or part time, as needed, when they are available. Managers simply contact Keller Schroeder and request the services of the former employee. The retiree can also contact Keller Schroeder about employment if they know their former employer will be needing their services or if they desire to provide services for our other clients when an opportunity becomes available.

To learn more about our Boomerang Retirement Program or any of the services our Staffing Solutions Group, send us an email or give Susie Mattingly a call at 812-474-6825.

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Spotlight On…

Employee-Owner: Amanda Gries

Amanda Gries Family

Amanda Gries is the newest addition to our technical recruiting Staffing Solutions Group. Amanda has over 16 years of experience in the Human Resources field. The majority of her career has been as a recruiter for finance and manufacturing companies. She has also worked as an HR generalist and manager.

Amanda spent over ten years at Springleaf, refining her administrative and recruiting skills. She has also held HR and management positions at Berry Plastics and Toyota Boshoku Indiana.

Outside of the office, Amanda loves spending time with her family – husband Brian, stepson Payton, son Clayton, and daughter Aspyn. They are avid sprint car fans and travel all over to watch races. They also love the water and try to spend as much time at Barkley Lake as her kids’ summer sports schedules will allow.

Contact your Keller Schroeder Sr. Account Manager to learn more about Amanda and how you can leverage her experience and skills to benefit your organization.

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Staffing Options to the Rescue

– Susie Mattingly, Business Unit Director

Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions group has earned an excellent reputation for working alongside our clients to provide flexible, customized options to fit their unique staffing and recruiting needs.

Options include:
• Contractor Placement (Temporary)
• Contract–to-Hire
• Full-Time Placement (Fee-based recruiting for direct hires)
• Payrolling (Payment Subcontracting)

With candidates scarce for a hard-to-find legacy skill and more work than they could handle, a client turned to Keller Schroeder Staffing Solutions for assistance. Their desire was for immediate temporary assistance with the workload, or to hire an individual to work directly for them. Unfortunately, the candidates emerging from the search process did not possess the industry experience needed for a direct hire, but the client decided on an individual with the right skillset for a temporary period of time to help with the short-term work overload. The individual picked up the requirements for the position quickly. Within three months, because of a pre-arranged contract-to-hire approach recommended by Keller Schroeder, the client made the individual an offer of employment. A great “try before you buy” option to consider, “Contract-to-Hire.”

Often it is preferable to bring in talent that is “tried and true.” Recently a client contacted an individual they had worked with years ago to see about working together again. The candidate was available for the engagement and Keller Schroeder Staffing Solutions was contacted about hiring the individual for a temporary period of time. The client had recruited, interviewed and selected the candidate, so Keller Schroeder’s “Payrolling” service made it easy to place the candidate on the job right away, avoiding the complexities of internal hiring. Keller Schroeder’s “Payrolling” service is a cost effective way to utilize experienced, known contractors for any engagement.

To learn more about Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions offerings and how they can benefit your organization, contact Susie Mattingly, Business Unit Director, at or 812-492-7392 for more information.

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Mind the Gap

– Susie Mattingly, Business Unit Director

Technical-Skills-GapWith businesses increasingly turning to more sophisticated automation to drive efficiencies, many are worried they won’t be able to find enough technically-skilled workers over the next decade according to CFO magazine. Almost any company is a candidate to feel the pinch as demand for skilled IT workers, researchers and other positions outstrips the supply. Companies may need to look at a mix of strategies such as higher wages, paying or providing bonuses as an incentive for extra work hours, and supplementing their permanent workforce with consultants.

The shortage of technically skilled workers was first identified in the early 1990s but many observers expect it to worsen over the next several years due to two converging factors: (1) the big wave of baby-boomer retirements, and (2) fewer students pursuing technically-oriented career paths. “Our young people love technology,” says Edward Gordon, an author and former college professor who consults with companies on workforce issues, particularly concerning the skilled-labor shortage. “But they don’t want to design, manufacture, repair, or manage it. They consider these jobs inferior and socially uncool.”

Research by Gordon, who has written two books on the topic, estimates that by 2020 there will be 123 million high-skilled, high-pay jobs available in the U.S., but only 50 million Americans with the right education to fill them. U.S. companies are already turning to other countries to supplement the local talent, and they will surely do more of that in the next few years.

Your company can participate in bridging this gap by taking an active role in our community’s education initiatives. Partner with schools to introduce younger students to various occupations before they have to decide on a major for college. Show them how cool technology is by inviting them to your company to demonstrate technical equipment and link that to their need to learn math, science and technology. Take steps to partner with local trade or community colleges. Offer scholarships in vocations where the need is greatest.

A way to cope with the talent loss from retirees is to negotiate a gradual exit for them. Many would like to remain involved but no longer want to work 40 hours. Currently several retirees from our community have returned to work through Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions Group and are working on projects for our clients. It has been the perfect solution with reduced hours, occasional time off and some winters off for an extended vacation in other areas. Our clients have had the benefit of their vast knowledge and experience. A great win-win for all involved.

Ultimately, the skills gap has to be dealt with so be a part of the solution to help your company survive and thrive in what is predicted to be a tight labor market in the years ahead.

To determine whether Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Services might be of assistance in locating technically skilled candidates for your organization, contact our Staffing Group to start the discussion.

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Rounding Out Your Staffing Options

You may already know that Keller Schroeder provides highly-skilled IT consultants on a contract basis through both our “core staff” employee-owners and our network of independent contractors sourced by our Staffing Solutions Group. What you may not know is the extent to which we can provide customized staffing options to help you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

A proper mix of recruiting, hiring, contracting, and variations of each of these strategies are necessary during challenging economic times to ensure that you have the right people in place at the right time for your organization.

In addition to traditional contracting services, Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions Group offers a full array of workforce acquisition and outsourcing options, including contract-to-hire, payrolling, and fee-based recruiting. We can even provide onsite recruiting assistance.

Recently, a client wanted to fill a full-time position but could not obtain approval to add headcount immediately. They enlisted Keller Schroeder to assist with a contract-to-hire placement. Through our recruitment and screening process, we placed a contractor initially on an hourly fee basis, but we included contract language to allow the client to hire this individual full-time for a discounted recruiting fee after a window of time when circumstances were more favorable for them to fill the position.

Several of our clients have successfully brought back former employees using our payrolling service. In one case, an employee resigned to move out of state, but our client wanted to continue a contracted engagement remotely. In another recent case, the client wanted to reengage with a retiree. Keller Schroeder handled all the paperwork and payroll details, offering a reduced pricing arrangement reflecting the fact that we invested less time in the recruiting/screening process.

Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions Group has a wealth of HR and recruiting experience. We have provided fee-based recruiting services to help our clients fill full-time positions. We have also provided recruiting services on a contract basis to help hiring managers navigate through the time-consuming process of soliciting and screening candidates, setting up interviews, and qualifying and hiring the best candidates.

Contact Susie Mattingly, our Director of Staffing Solutions, to discuss your workforce acquisition and/or outsourcing needs. Or, visit our Staffing Solutions page on our website to learn how we can help you round out your staffing options!