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Proactive Managed Cybersecurity Service Strategy To Protect Your Organization

Leverage the expertise of our highly experienced and certified Security Solutions Group to proactively monitor and maintain a suite of cybersecurity solutions to better safeguard your environment from malicious attacks.


LAYER 1   |   Secure Email and Content Filtering

A secure Email Gateway needs to be in place to defend against inbound phishing, malware, spam, and zero-day attacks. Over 90% of malware is distributed via email. Stopping malicious emails before they get to a user’s mailbox is the first line of defense against malware and system compromise.


LAYER 2   |   User Security Awareness

Your users are one of the first lines of defense for your network and applications. Educated users are more alert and able to identify suspicious emails and other risks.


LAYER 3   |   NextGen Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced endpoint detection and response protection should be installed on all servers and workstations. It is the next generation of anti-virus/malware and is able to protect against attacks. Instead of identifying malicious activity by file signatures, advanced endpoint protection also monitors system behaviors for suspicious activity.


LAYER 4   |   Vulnerability Management

Organizations must scan for vulnerabilities and proactively address discovered flaws or face a significant likelihood of having their computer systems compromised. Vulnerability scans are also useful in identifying new devices connected to networks and identifying their potential security risks.


LAYER 5 | Patch Management

Patching must be done on a regular basis to keep systems free from known vulnerabilities and resistant to known attack methods.


Properly implemented and tested backups are the last line of defense to assist in the recovery from ransomware or other incidents.*

*Not included in this managed service.

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