Keller Schroeder designs and implements defense-in-depth cybersecurity solutions to help our clients maintain a protected and secure technology environment through assessments, compliance, education, technology, vulnerability and penetration testing, and professional services enabling them to safeguard business operations.

Our vision is to deliver peace of mind to our clients by being a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions for businesses in Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. No matter what the cybersecurity needs of your organization might look like, Keller Schroeder offers the services and systems that you need in order to stay safe and secure.

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There’s no shortage of cybersecurity risks that your business needs to stay safe from. Spyware and adware, now commonly referred to as malware, can wreak havoc on any system. With cybersecurity attacks on the rise year after year, it’s important to realize that cybersecurity issues will continue to grow as time goes on. Put the right solutions and best practices in place to ensure that your company can fend off any attackers. You’ll take advantage of benefits such as:

Secure Personal and Business Information

It’s not just business information that hackers and cyber attackers are after; it’s also personal information. Cybersecurity solutions shut down personal and business information threats by eliminating viruses and malware that might otherwise lead to compromised data or stolen information.

Increased Uptime and Availability

Some infections within your Webhosting system can cause your website to crash or force you to shut it down entirely. When this happens, you’re potentially missing out on sales and not allowing your customers to have access to valuable information they need.

Malware Prevention

Malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to various computer systems. The most common types of malware include ransomware, viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, adware, and more.

Increased Productivity

Malware will slow or potentially shut down your employees’ computers. Eliminating these issues will allow employees to work more effectively and reduce the amount of wasted time. With a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place from Keller Schroeder, you’ll protect your business by improving security and keeping any sensitive information and data safe.

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As a leading provider of cybersecurity services, Keller Schroeder understands the importance of staying safe and secure from cybersecurity threats. Your company must have cybersecurity solutions in place to ensure that any threats will be eliminated quickly. With the help of assessments, compliance, education, technology, management tools, and professional services from Keller Schroeder, you’ll protect your company and provide a higher level of security than ever before. When you partner with Keller Schroeder, we’ll help you develop a security strategy that works best for your company. For comprehensive solutions that can take care of all of your cybersecurity concerns, contact Keller Schroeder today.


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Keller Schroeder has a proven track record of successful projects to ensure you invest in the right solution to meet your business or organizational objective. That is why we have partnered with other customer-centric firms to provide a consistent, high level of knowledge and complete solution experience.