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During each episode of the Technically Speaking podcast, our experts address common industry problems and how you can improve your business’s performance through technology.



Your Host – Mallory Buttrum

Produced By:
Leesa Richardson

Since our company culture is built on giving back, in each podcast we will challenge you to partner with us to make a positive impact.
Here is how it works:

Use the form to the right to provide your contact information for us to do a quick, 20-minute follow-up call with you. As our “thank you,” for that opportunity, we will make a $25 donation to the charitable organization of your choice; or, if you would prefer to make a positive impact in another way, we will gift you a $25 VISA gift card to do just that. You’ll see a place in the form to designate that choice.

Secondly, regardless of the choice you make for the $25, we will be happy to accept your favorite charitable organization nomination to receive our quarterly $500 non-profit donation.

Keller Schroeder Giving - Nashville Food Project
Keller Schroeder Giving - Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital Nashville

You choose the organization.
We do the giving.

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