An Incident Response Plan is crucial to minimizing the damage of a potential cyber security incident. Having a plan in place can be the difference between a successful recovery, and millions of dollars in damage and loss due to downtime.


Do you have the right plan in place to handle a security breach? Is your team ready for a ransomware attack?

Whether you need a comprehensive Incident Response Plan in place to meet insurance goals, or you want to significantly improve the security posture of your organization, Keller Schroeder’s team of Information Security professionals are ready to help.

During the Incident Response Plan development process, Keller Schroeder will work alongside your team to create a plan that improves the resiliency of your cyber security framework. This includes collaborating with your technical and operations teams to deliver a tailored plan and framework that seamlessly integrates with your unique business and processes. We also provide customized strategic guidance on each core operational component of best-practice incident response frameworks.

The process also involves our team helping you evaluate and ensure that your organization has the necessary tools to properly detect, identify, eradicate, and recover from modern threats, with minimal impact.

Contact our Security Solutions team today to let us get started on your Incident Response Plan Development.

Reduced risk and minimized impact of data breaches & cyber security incidents

Elimination of unnecessary delays in response & containment measures

Improved organizational readiness

Facilitation of compliance goals


  • Workshops onsite to create and customize an effective response framework based on your specific needs and requirements.

  • Leverage best-practice security frameworks from MITRE and CISA to create a customized IR framework and playbooks for both operational and technical teams.

  • Incorporate existing internal procedures and ensure that all feedback is addressed.

  • Training on how to identify, respond to, contain, and eradicate threats, while also providing guidance that will help your organization recover from a potential incident.


  • A fully customized incident response plan that includes process outline, emergency communication methods, escalation paths, contact lists, stakeholders, forensic operations, and technical playbooks for each phase of the response framework (Response, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, Secure)

  • Incident Response Plan presentation to stakeholders, leadership, and executives.