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Improving business processes through a variety of platforms, visualization, and development tools.

Prioritizing data and analytics activities with key organizational goals and objectives.

Certified engineers designing and implementing highly integrated infrastructure solutions.

Technical recruitment and placement of IT professionals across a multitude of industries.

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Contractor PlacementOur Staffing Solutions Group specializes in the placement of quality IT professionals on a temporary or long-term contract basis. A call to one of our experienced Technical Recruiters will initiate the process of obtaining a qualified IT contractor to meet your staffing needs.

Reasons for outsourcing include:

  • Staff overload
  • Corporate transitions
  • Unanticipated requirements
  • Project deadlines
  • Employee turnover
  • Absence of specific expertise
  • Organizational growth or shrinkage
  • Employee cost containment
  • Project cost overruns


Payrolling – This option allows you to put a full or part-time contractor that you have selected on the job with Keller Schroeder doing the hiring. You recommend the person and the pay rate, and we will employ the candidate and assign them to your company. We handle all of the paperwork, payroll, and benefits related to the employee. You deal with no severance pay, no unemployment compensation, and no employee benefits.

Keller Schroeder Staffing Solutions Group

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