Data Strategy Framework

Do you have a strategy to successfully apply advanced analytics to improve your business?

Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Framework is a comprehensive implementation framework to develop the culture, methods, and skills to apply advanced analytics for business benefit. This framework was developed to guide your organization’s planning  and investment to implement YOUR Data Strategy.

Keller Schroeder Data Strategy Framework Web

Our Data Strategy Framework is straightforward and practical. It begins with surfacing opportunity and developing a business case your executives can approve. Next, it identifies key activities to secure durable sponsorship and funding. The framework then helps guide you through architecting the teams, tools, and methods to be successful. Throughout every phase of the framework, you are sensitized to the key cultural considerations and steps necessary to ensure teams work well together. Finally, it helps your organization foster a positive environment where experimentation and innovation will occur.

Our DS Framework will help you create:

  • An Analytics Position Paper, Data Strategy Roadmap, and Investment Plan to secure sponsorship and funding
  • The Organizational Design and Job Profiles to build your analytics team
  • The Platform Architecture necessary to manage the data lifecycle and do data quality improvement
  • The Data Science Environment to do analytics research and deploy analytics models into the enterprise architecture
  • A Use Case Portfolio Management Tool and method to help prioritize efforts and ensure the business cases are realized
  • Starter Use Cases and ideas on ensuring your Data Strategy is self-funding
  • Executive Presentations for each major activity

We think it’s simple – not easy, but simple. Let us show you how.

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