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Technical recruitment and placement of IT professionals across a multitude of industries.

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Similar to your physical health, a regular check-up for vulnerabilities, both externally and internally, is a proven way to identify potential threats early and mitigate any negative impact these threats might create on future projects. The technical skills and extensive experience of the Keller Schroeder Network Solution Group can assist your organization in developing a security or infrastructure solution designed to address susceptibilities discovered through the assessment process.

Security Assessments

Proactively assessing the potential for Internet-facing vulnerabilities provides your organization the advantage of finding those openings first and putting into place the mechanisms required to close them. The resulting findings report, containing an executive summary as well as detailed analysis and recommendations, in addition to being informative for stakeholders within your organization, is also suitable for inclusion with those required for reporting to governing regulatory agencies.

Information Security Consulting Services include:

  • Scalable Vulnerability & Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Regulatory & Compliance Assistance
Infrastructure Assessments

Our NSG team has years of experience in understanding not only the physical technology comprising your infrastructure, but the impact that can result from change in business applications and business processes. In addition to our experience, our knowledge and use of the industry’s latest tools help identify potential weaknesses or points of contention that could make the difference in your next successful or unsuccessful deployment.

Infrastructure Assessment Services can include:

  • Review, design, and implementation of current systems and infrastructure
  • Evaluation compared to industry and manufacturer best practices
  • Review of actual configuration of selected infrastructure equipment

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