It's not about the technology.
It's about the performance improvement of
your business.

Keller Schroeder exists to make positive, personal impacts on our employee-owners, our clients, and our communities.  We are a technology company in the performance improvement business, and our mission is to leverage technology tools and services to help our clients more successfully achieve their objectives.

While we understand the value of technology as a competitive tool, we have a healthy irreverence for any solution as the answer to every business problem. Rather than trying to find issues for new technology solutions to solve, we prefer to seek to understand the business needs of our clients.  We value our ability to ask questions, listen, learn, and focus on a client’s best interests.  From that position, our significant experience allows us to create positive impacts as we assess, plan, build, implement, or support situations where technology can be applied to improve efficiency. 

As a certified employee-owned company, our ownership culture earns us consistently high feedback from our employee-owners, our clients, and our community.  We genuinely value ‘owning.’  From owning follow-through and communication to owning our portion of positive outcomes on projects to owning our responsibilities as members of our communities, Keller Schroeder employee-owners engage differently because of our culture.  We work like owners because we are all business owners.

Founded in 1978, Keller Schroeder is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, with a second location in Nashville, Tennessee. We have a cross-industry market focus, including a concentration of clients in manufacturing, finance, utilities, and healthcare.  We have clients ranging in size from international organizations to small regional offices.  Our diversity allows us to realize the positive impacts that can come from the implementation of technology to improve business processes in organizations of all sizes.

We have earned an impeccable reputation with the 300+ clients we serve annually.  The fact that our twenty largest clients have an average relationship of eighteen years with us speaks to our ability to deliver the positive impacts we strive for in adding business value.  Our staff has an average tenure of nearly fifteen years, another testament to our focus on positive impacts for employee-owners.  We have a track record of solid financial performance – profitable in every year of our existence – and our culture has been certified as a Great Place to Work.  For over forty years, our focus on positive impacts for employee-owners, clients, and communities has proven to be a highly successful formula.

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We would love to learn more about your business to see if there are ways our four unique business areas (Applications, Data Strategy, Infrastructure, and Staffing) could add value and make positive impacts together. If you are interested in sharing or learning more, please reach out to us via our contact page.

A Note From
Our President

Jeff Gorman - Keller Schroeder

"Thank you for taking some time to learn more about Keller Schroeder. We are proud of how our ownership culture built upon shared accountability, shared knowledge, and shared growth allows us to excel in providing strategy, consulting, and technology solutions to improve business performance. We feel strongly the service our clients receive by working with an employee-owned company allows us to consistently make positive, personal impacts and build long-term, successful partnerships."