10 Feb 2023
Back By Popular Demand: Your Corporate Intranet

Corporate intranets are making a comeback, and now it's easier than ever to stay connected regardless of where you work.

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25 May 2018
SharePoint News Update

Matt Mulherin  – [Applications Consultant] Microsoft has been very busy developing new and exciting features for SharePoint.  Now that SharePoint is online as part of Office 365, it is continually being updated and improved.  Microsoft’s vision for SharePoint going forward encompasses four key areas: share with confidence, transform business processes, inform and engage employees, and harness collective...

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19 Jan 2016
New Year’s Resolutions for Application Owners & Managers

Rob Wilson – [Business Unit Director – Application Solutions] Just in case you were having a hard time coming up with your goals and objectives for 2016, we wanted to pitch in and help. We asked some of our application developers, architects, and owners to contribute New Year’s resolutions for software application professionals. If you...

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23 Oct 2015
My Top 5 SharePoint 2016 Features

Matt Mulherin – Applications Consultant   SharePoint 2016 is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2016 with many new features for both cloud and on-premises (on-prem) deployments.  Of the 26 new SharePoint 2016 features listed on Microsoft’s TechNet site, I will highlight my favorite five.  The big focus with SharePoint 2016 seems...

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20 Mar 2015
Measuring Adoption

Rob Wilson, Business Unit Director – Application Solutions We all know it is important to measure return on investment (ROI) when implementing a new solution. Solution ‘x’ saved ‘y’ dollars by requiring ‘z’ fewer hours from employees ‘a’ and ‘b.’ But what about those projects where the cost savings are less quantifiable? How do you measure...

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