Keller Schroeder Technology Vendor Summit

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Improving business processes through a variety of platforms, visualization, and development tools.

Prioritizing data and analytics activities with key organizational goals and objectives.

Certified engineers designing and implementing highly integrated infrastructure solutions.

Technical recruitment and placement of IT professionals across a multitude of industries.

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Keller Schroeder is a technology company, in the performance improvement business. Our mission is to leverage technology tools and services to help our clients more successfully achieve their objectives.

Our company culture is focused on people and performance. In our business, the quality of our people makes the difference between failure and success. We thrive on long term relationships with our clients, and that happens only through repeatedly exceeding their expectations – project by project, installation by installation.

Our Core Values are not a set of statements conjured up by senior management as a standard to which we aspire; instead, they are a reflection of who we are today and what we deem to be important.

1.)   We are passionate about our clients – actively listening, understanding their needs, and making their best interests our priority.

2.)   We are biased toward substance and excellence over form and fashion. In our marketplace, we purposefully “under-sell and over-deliver” the highest quality solutions. In our workplace, position titles and corporate protocol are subservient to teamwork and mutual respect.

3.)   We hold dear our reputation for honesty and integrity in our conduct and transparency and candor in our communications.

4.)   We are an employee-owned company. We value and encourage a balance between personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and we care sincerely about each other and our community.