Application Integration is not just for big business today.

Integration between disparate systems has become much easier with technologies such as web services, HTTPS, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Whether you are integrating internal systems or extending your environment externally to customers, partners or suppliers, integration tools and techniques facilitate improved access to information and more streamlined operations.
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Utilizing an application integration platform or solution for your own organization’s technology environment may have significant benefits, such as:

Avoiding Duplicate Data Entries

Allowing employees to have access to the same applications and software prevents data from being duplicated. Not only will this improve your business processes, but it will also save time and additional resources that would otherwise be wasted on duplicating the same data and information.

Reducing Costs

Investing in application integration services allows you to cut costs by reducing the time required to manually input information from your customers (orders), partners (products), and suppliers (inventory). Using integration services to electronically process this type of information will save on operational expenses and allow you to invest your resources in more productive and relevant areas.

Easier Information and Data Sharing

Many businesses are beginning to evolve past the need for a physical workplace. For companies that have employees working remotely across different locations, giving them access to the information that they need from a singular application will lead to greater productivity and improved collaboration. Make it easier for your employees to work together and share information with application and system integration services from Keller Schroeder.

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No matter your industry or business needs, application integration solutions from Keller Schroeder can provide a number of benefits to improve your overall business process.

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