17 Feb 2021
Cisco Catalyst Breaks Into Cloud Space for Wireless Services

The Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL creates a best-in-class wireless experience for your evolving and growing organization.

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10 Jun 2020
Converged Wireless Networks
Getting Value Out of Your Wireless Network Deployment

Ty Nixon Senior Network Engineer So, you have just made a significant investment in wireless networking technologies.  Now what?  By now, most IT professionals are familiar with the common data services provided by a wireless network.  There are, however, several other benefits to sponsoring a robust wireless network.  The demand for mobility for more advanced...

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24 May 2017
Cisco Meraki : Easy to Deploy Cloud-Based & Infrastructure Solutions

Mike Sanford – [Wireless Consultant] Do you need to be able to bring a remote office up quickly without an on-site visit?  Do you want one place to monitor wired and wireless connectivity?  Are you looking for a cloud-based solution that can provide wireless access points, switches, firewalls as well as video cameras?  If you can...

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23 Mar 2017
The Evolving Use Cases for Wireless Networking

Ty Nixon– [Network Consultant] Since its official conception in 1997, the standardized group of technologies commonly known as Wi-Fi have greatly evolved to meet changing business needs and environmental demands.  The use cases for wireless networking have grown exponentially from the basic data services of the late 90’s.  Below is a list of needs that...

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