Thank you to everyone who made our 2023 event our an amazing success. Stay tuned for our 2024 date!

What is the TVS?

The Technology Vendor Summit is a full day dedicated to connecting technology professionals with the latest solutions, services, and strategies to help them make their business's better.

With each TVS, Keller Schroeder collaborates with key vendor partners from the industry’s leading technology companies to bring knowledge, networking, and new ideas. The event features the largest gathering of both tech pros and solution providers in the Evansville area.

During the TVS, attendees have the opportunity to connect with like-minded IT employees from a wide range of companies from across Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee – small start-ups to enterprise-level, global organizations in every industry. Breakout sessions and networking booths allow attendees to learn and ask questions directly from our 2023 participating partners and Keller Schroeder’s subject matter experts.

But the TVS isn’t all business. You can count on delicious food, swag, fun prizes, and a Happy Hour celebration to close out the event. Several years ago, we also started incorporating a non-technology-oriented keynote speaker. These are nationally recognized speakers sharing their unique perspective on connection, collaboration, and professional development.

In addition, nearly every Keller Schroeder event offers attendees the opportunity to help us give back to our community. The TVS is no exception and will feature a unique way to partner with us to make a positive impact.



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Top Technology Solution Providers On Site

Discuss projects and get answers to questions directly from the experts.


Learn About the Latest Strategies & Offerings

Hear from both us and our partners during our expanded break out sessions.


Collaborate with Other Technology Professionals

Network, connect, and problem solve with other technical teams from the area.


Help Decide How We Give Back to Our Community

Vote for your favorite local charity to receive a portion of our $1,000 donation.