When you join the Keller Schroeder team, it’s more than ‘just a job’…

It’s a place where you are becoming a business owner with a team of other employee-owners focused on using technology to improve the performance of businesses in our communities. If you join our team, you will quickly see these are not hypothetical philosophies but rather behaviors lived out each and every day.
Are you ready to learn more about a career as an employee-owner at Keller Schroeder?

We are an employee-owned company.

A key differentiator that sets Keller Schroeder apart from our competition when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and long-term retention of qualified business professionals is the fact that we are an employee-owned company.

As a new hire, you will join a group of employee-owners who own a majority of our company. Keller Schroeder is a company determined to make positive, personal impacts on its employee-owners. We invest in the growth of our employee-owners, and we offer considerable flexibility with respect to the unique requirements of working in the field of Information Technology. We share our success with our full-time employee-owners through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Since its inception in 2004, Keller Schroeder’s ESOP has served as a significant long-term wealth-building tool for employee-owners.

We work with a higher level of excellence.

Not only will you benefit financially from the overall success of Keller Schroeder, you will also experience great team camaraderie among your co-workers. Knowing we all have an impact on the bottom line, we encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and appreciate each other for a job well done. Often times our employee-owners find themselves going above and beyond expectations, under selling and over delivering. We tend to work to a higher level of excellence knowing what we do, and how we do it, impacts our long-term relationships and the long-term growth of our company.

We treat each other like family.

The health and well being of our families are important at Keller Schroeder. We strive to create a unique work environment of ownership mentality, work-life balance, empathy, and flexibility.

We have a lot of fun along the way.

Keller Schroeder is a fun place to work where we are encouraged to be candid and transparent in our communication, openly share our ideas, and engage both professionally and socially with our fellow employee-owners. It is a place where people believe in treating each other with humility, respect, and kindness.