03 Feb 2023
Technical Curiosity

As an IT professional, are you fueled by learning new things? If so, you may have "technical curiosity," a key trait for success.

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03 Oct 2022
Employee-Ownership Month Article
Celebrating Employee-Ownership Month

October is Employee-Ownership Month. Our company culture of ownership makes the Keller Schroeder experience different for those around us.

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05 Jul 2022
FTP - Busy and Ignoring
Busy and Ignoring

Do you catch yourself staying busy as a way to procrastinate (or even ignore) the more challenging tasks on your list? You're not alone.

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03 Jun 2022
FTP - Imperfection and Appreciation
Imperfection and Appreciation

Despite our desires for personal satisfaction, our workplaces are filled with imperfect people. This fact challenges us to grow and learn to appreciate what is present to us.

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09 May 2022
Hindsight and Contentment
Hindsight and Contentment

The pressure and pursuit of successful careers can often lead us to underappreciate the people and gifts currently before us.

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14 Dec 2020
A 2020 Holiday Message From Jeff Gorman, President

Amid the whirlwind of the uniqueness of 2020, we would like to take a peaceful moment of reflection.

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02 Sep 2020
Trust and Conflict Keller Schroeder
Trust and Conflict

If there has been no energy or debate about new ideas, reflect on whether your team has enough trust to be comfortable with healthy conflict.

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24 Aug 2020
3-super-abilities-how-consultants-add-value-keller-schroeder - 2
The 3 Super Abilities: How Consultants Add Value

Effective leaders leverage consultants wisely to create value for their organizations by bringing super abilities to bear on key challenges. 

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05 Aug 2020
Blessings and Involvement

Jeff Gorman President July 15th would have been my dad’s 74th birthday. It is the first birthday since he passed away. I think about him every day, and I have been spending extra time thinking about him on this special day. He was the best leader I have ever had the privilege of following. His...

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07 Jul 2020
Investing Versus Spending

Jeff Gorman President It is common to hear people talk about the value they place on spending time with their family. The time strengthens bonds, provides the opportunity to both give and receive guidance, and helps fill a critical human need for meaningful relationships. It is rewarding for the person and for their family. While...

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