Applications Overview

by Brett

Applications Solutions Group Overview

Keller Schroeder Applications Solutions

Our Applications Solutions Group adds value for our clients as they seek to improve business processes, meet customer requirements, achieve regulatory compliance, integrate disparate systems, and respond to other unique marketplace demands. Whether your need is a complete solution, an assist in selecting packaged software, staff augmentation, or simply maintenance and support of your existing systems, our consultants can help.

We work with a variety of platforms and development tools, so we do not have a “one size fits all” paradigm. Our talented team consists of project managers, analysts, architects, and developers, all of whom do software solutions every day for a living. With an amazing team of over 40 application professionals, we thrive helping businesses improve their performance. 

From a technology standpoint, we deliver solutions with:

Microsoft Tools (.NET, SharePoint, etc.)
Legacy Tools (RPG, COBOL)
Integration Tools
Other Tools