Our Applications Solutions Group has the technical expertise and experience to help organizations in Indiana and Tennessee build secure and reliable solutions that are highly integrated with your internal applications, data, and business processes.

Keller Schroeder is well versed in web-based, mobile, client/server, and legacy application development tools. We consider open-source solutions, frameworks, foundations, and functions in our projects as they make sense to reduce delivery time and cost. From complete solutions, assistance in selecting packaged software, staff augmentation, digital transformation, cloud, or simply maintenance and support of your existing systems, our team has a track record of successful engagements demonstrating our abilities to design and deliver solutions to meet or exceed your needs.
Keller Schroeder Applications Solutions Group


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What We Can Provide To Help
You Achieve Your Goals


Management – Projects, technical, and support

Analysis – Business and technical analysis

Design – Functional and technical design

Architecture – Delivery models, platforms, components, and tools for architecture development

Development – Database, programming, and integration

Implementation – Including documentation, training, configuration, knowledge transfer

Support – Support through monitoring, patching, break-fix, and enhancement

How We Approach
Our Client Engagements


Flexibly – Remote, onsite, as a virtual member or leader of your team

Completely – Project lifecycle from concept to support

– Temporary or long-term staff augmentation with no retainers based on your budget

Skillfully – Extensive experience with many platforms, tools, industries, and packages

Collaboratively – As a full-service provider or team member

Proactively – Receive regular updates on you project’s budget and timeline

When You Should
Leverage Our Team


Projects – Project management, full-stack development, data migrations, quality assurance

Products – Scrum master, developers, and/or QA for sprints or for full product lifecycle; web or mobile; we help develop it, you own it

Gaps – Bridging gaps in a variety of roles and niches, including IT leadership, development, and team management

Surges – When you need to scale quickly and temporarily to meet an important deadline with an experienced team that can hit the ground running


The breadth of our applications background at Keller Schroeder has equipped us with the knowledge and skill to develop highly efficient solutions that provide performance, security, and integrity you can count on. Whether your need is a connected or disconnected solution, we have the answer. Want to utilize that on-premises server, build a solution to deploy to the cloud, provide a mobile app to your customers or employees, streamline processes with suppliers, etc., our software architects and developers understand the nuances of a variety of platforms, fundamental and evolving architectural models, and design principles.  We have deep experience building, maintaining, extending, and supporting solutions on today’s – and yesterday’s – technology stacks. Determining the right tools for your solution needs and leveraging those tools to make the best use of your organization’s technology assets is important to you.  We are accustomed to the complexities of today’s broad technology environment and wuse a variety of tools and approaches, choosing the best one to fit your needs. 


Legacy-Code-Expertise-IN-TN 2You can’t spell COBOL without ‘COOL’. Let’s not forget RPG and JAVA. Unlike other consulting firms that have “jumped ship” for new technology waves, we know these production solutions are often still performing effectively with no business case for replacement. We have been there for our customers with these technologies in the past, and we will continue to be there for years to come.  These tools have existed for a long time, and we have extensive experience developing, enhancing, and integrating solutions in these environments for many years. Considering the millions of lines of legacy code in production today, it will be many years before they are replaced. What some may term ‘old’ or ‘legacy’, we say, ‘tried and true’, and we can help you take advantage of your investment.

  • IBM midrange: System i, iSeries, AS/400, S/38, S/36, and S/34
  • Earlier generation tools: RPG II, OCL, and RPG III
  • Plus: RPG/IV, embedded SQL, free-form RPG and stored procedures
  • IBM Mainframe, including:
    • MVS and VM using TSO and ISPF
    • DOS/VSE using ICCF and Power
    • IMS using DL/I and DB2 using SQL
    • IBM WebSphere
    • BEA WebLogic
    • JBoss
    • Tomcat
    • JSPs, Servlets


Modern-Application-Development-IN-TNNeed a Windows, web, or mobile solution on your infrastructure or in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, etc.? We have years of experience with a track record of successful engagements, specializing in Microsoft .NET solutions building responsive Web Applications, using proven frameworks to provide flexible and secure solutions. Our cross–industry engagements with these solutions include capacity planning, installation and configuration, taxonomy, governance, workflows, custom development, and legacy system integration. Our consultants possess both the technical expertise and the strong business acumen to customize and leverage solutions in your environment.

  • .NET
  • Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server Express, Enterprise Edition
  • Stored procedures
  • Data transformation services
  • Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SharePoint
  • Power Platform: PowerApps, PowerBI, and Power Automate
  • Database design
  • Visual Basic (VB), VBA, and Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • iOS
  • Android


Systems-Integration-IN-TNIt really is our secret sauce. We know that application integration is not just for big businesses. Organizations of all types and sizes are realizing the cost savings and potential competitive advantage of integrating their systems and processes with those of customers, suppliers, and partners. And, don’t forget your own business. Integrating internal systems facilitate improved access to information and more streamlined operations. The Internet and web-related technologies have made integration more simple and cost-effective than ever.

We develop and implement web services and integration solutions by using a variety of tools and approaches, choosing the best one to fit your needs. Our solutions are tightly integrated into internal business applications, allowing you to leverage and extend your existing technology investments.

  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Web services
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Vitria, TIBCO, webMethods
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)


Database-Platforms-IN-TNEffective software developers must understand the nuances of a variety of database platforms. The breadth of our applications background has equipped us with the knowledge and skill to develop highly efficient solutions that provide performance, security, and integrity you can count on. We can build, maintain, extend, and support solutions on a variety of database platforms.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Database (PaaS)
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2 (midrange and mainframe)
  • MySQL
  • IBM iSeries (AS/400) with DB2/UDB
  • Unix with Oracle
  • Linux with Oracle
  • Windows with MySQL


We maintain close relationships with industry-leading technology vendor partners.

Keller Schroeder has a proven track record of successful projects to ensure you invest in the right solution to meet your business or organizational objective. That is why we have partnered with other customer-centric firms to provide a consistent, high level of knowledge and complete solution experience.



The future belongs to organizations whose teams can quickly adapt their processes to the ever-changing demands and disruptions of the marketplace through the implementation of a Digital Transformation strategy. Keller Schroeder’s Digital Transformation Framework includes tenets to help you identify, prioritize, execute, and learn from transformational initiatives to better prepare you for the next disruption – whatever it may be.

We are a leading Digital Transformation consultancy in Evansville, Indiana and Nashville, Tennessee with decades of cross-industry experience, including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, transportation, and utilities.


Do you need assistance with project management or coordination to help initiate, plan, and execute your project? Are you looking to develop a new process or improve existing ones? Could you use a Test Lead/Coordinator who can create and implement test plans and support quality assurance activities? Our team at Keller Schroeder can help! We manage all project tasks, including the overall project timeline, scope, resources, and budget. We proactively follow up to keep tasks on schedule. Want a Project Management Institute (PMI)- Project Management Professional (PMP)?  We have project-certified managers.


Microsoft’s Power Platform delivers innovative business solutions across one seamlessly integrated platform with a low code interface for any user to quickly create custom apps while simultaneously providing robust tools for pro developers. At the intersection of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents lies digital transformation – giving you the power to innovate anywhere, while unlocking value everywhere.

Even if the information comes from multiple sources, the Microsoft Power Platform may be used to deliver it efficiently and reliably – using tools you may already own.



Do you have SharePoint and need help leveraging it to improve your business? Do you need help evaluating an on-premises vs. online SharePoint solution? Keller Schroeder can be your SharePoint partner of choice for SharePoint customizations and all aspects of your SharePoint environment. Our team has extensive experience building, customizing, and migrating SharePoint for businesses like yours.

  • Integration with Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps, Flow, & Power BI)
  • Intranets
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Workflows and Forms
  • Process Automation
  • Customizations with .NET, CSOM, SPFx
  • Web Parts
  • Third Party Integrations and Add-ons
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 SharePoint Online


Are you spending too much time maintaining the applications in your environment- time that could be spent towards the productivity of your organization? Much like you might trust a mechanic to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, these services are designed to take small, but important, maintenance tasks off your plate, allowing you and your team to focus on other priorities. Scheduled Managed Services are subscription-based, proactive monitoring, maintenance, and reporting services of a pre-defined scope for your applications. We will tailor these monthly fixed-cost Scheduled Managed Services to meet your needs and the health of your environment.

We currently offer these applications managed services:

Applications Managed Services-IN-TN

Ready to see how we might partner together to achieve your goals through application tools and services?