11 Apr 2022
Part One - Investment Phase (with title)
How to Get Better at Corporate Analytics – Phase One: Investment

So, you've explored, assessed, and positioned your case for bettering your corporate analytics. Now what?

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11 Jan 2022
Part Zero - Exploratory Phase (with title)
How to Get Better at Corporate Analytics – Part Zero: Exploratory Phase

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why aren't we doing data science?" It may be time to take the first step to get better at corporate analytics. Here's how...

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12 May 2021
Data Risk and Reward: A Thought Experiment

We need to develop a strategy around managing data for both its inherent asset potential as well as its inherent risk potential.

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16 Apr 2021
Why Lean Keller Schroeder
Why Lean?

In health terms, someone in great shape is said to be lean and are eating clean. Lean, as a process discipline, is very much the same.

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15 Feb 2021
Yet Another Maturity Curve to Climb

What is one maturity curve you must climb to survive? What is one strategic initiative you cannot sweep under the rug if you want to thrive?

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19 Oct 2020
Data Architect? Do We Really Need One of Those?

There has been a lot of talk from us lately about data:  Do you have a data strategy?  Are you a data-driven organization?  Are you monetizing your data?  Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Group helps clients along the journey to answer “Yes!” to these questions.

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21 Sep 2020
Keller Schroeder Folding at Home COVID-19 Web
Folding@Home: A Hardware Strategy Story

What if you could put your idle hardware and unused compute power to a more productive purpose, a more strategic purpose, a greater good?

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01 Jul 2020
Announcement: Juice Analytics Partnership

Keller Schroeder and Juice Analytics are pleased to announce their newly formed strategic partnership, beginning an exciting new chapter for the two companies.

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24 Jun 2020
Narrow AI
Artificial Intelligence: All Hype Aside, Let’s Get to Work

Josh Pack, PhD Principal Consultant, Data Strategy Group We’re not entering another “AI Winter” – those historical periods where progress is negligible, skepticism is high, and investors run for the hills.  The past decade has shown way too much technological progress and commercial deployment for artificial intelligence to go belly-up.  On the contrary, it is...

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