07 Feb 2020
Keller Schroeder Sponsors Sold-Out Nashville Software Crafters’ Speaker Series

  Keller Schroeder was honored to sponsor the Nashville Software Crafters’ inaugural event of its speaker series on February 6, 2020. The sold-out event featured world-renowned author and speaker Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. “Uncle Bob”) – one of the founders of “The Agile Manifesto” in 2001, creator of several software principles and patterns, and author...

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19 Sep 2019
Time to Level Up?

  Craig Schulte  – [Sr. Application Developer/Architect] Do you sometimes feel like your web applications are not all they could be?  Do your users grumble about slow page loads?  Are your applications swimming in a sea of JQuery that make them harder to maintain?  If so, it may be time to take your web applications to...

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23 May 2019
Let Your Data Tell Your Story

  Matt Mulherin  – [Applications Consultant] Currently, AI or Artificial Intelligence is quite the buzzword.  AI is defined as intelligence exhibited by machines or software.  AI is growing leaps and bounds in the business world and AI investment increased by 300% in 2017 according to IDC.  Deloitte reports 82% of organizations will be investing in AI...

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13 Feb 2019
Save the Date – 2019 Technology Vendor Summit

Our second largest event is coming back in 2019! Mark your calendars for our second annual Technology Vendor Summit on April 10th, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST) at the Old National Events Plaza in Evansville. Further details will be coming to your inbox soon. As with last year’s event, you can expect...

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25 May 2018
SharePoint News Update

Matt Mulherin  – [Applications Consultant] Microsoft has been very busy developing new and exciting features for SharePoint.  Now that SharePoint is online as part of Office 365, it is continually being updated and improved.  Microsoft’s vision for SharePoint going forward encompasses four key areas: share with confidence, transform business processes, inform and engage employees, and harness collective...

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23 Mar 2018
B2B, EDI, and Data Transformation Made Easy

Mark Heuring – [Applications Consultant] As you move throughout your digital transformation, the need to share data between systems and entities becomes greater and greater.  You may need to share data with your vendors, customers, partners, or compliance agencies, or you may need to share data between two internal systems. Business-to-Business (B2B) integration, or the automated exchange...

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19 Jul 2017
What Is A Digital Workplace?

Matt Mulherin – [Applications Consultant] Today’s personal technology boom provides instant information at out fingertips to assist with every facet of our lives.  If you have a question, you just “google” for the answer.  If you have a problem, there is an app for that.  With this easy and constant access to information in their personal lives,...

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24 May 2017
If These Devices Could Talk

Eric Maurer – [Applications Consultant] What if your devices could talk? The Internet of Things (IoT) can start to do this! What is the IoT? Putting it simply, an IoT “thing” is nothing more than a physical device connected to the internet. The device can be your phone, your thermostat, a car, or any number of...

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23 Mar 2017
7 Items to Consider for a Dynamic Website

Brett Romershausen – [Web and Midrange Consultant] Is Your Website Healthy? Do you typically have an annual physical for your personal health? You should do the same for the health of your website.  While it may not seem critical, your website is often the first impression of your business and you want to be sure your...

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24 Oct 2016
How Does Work Flow in your Organization?

Carrie Rudolph – [Keller Schroeder Certified Nintex Workflow Professional] How often do you hear individuals in your organization say, “I haven’t been able to work on that ‘important task’ yet, because of all of these other smaller things needing my attention each day.”?  How often do individuals in your organization answer questions on status with “It’s...

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