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Each month, Keller Schroeder’s subject matter experts provide content about the latest tools, services, and technologies to help you understand how you can better grow, protect, and optimize your technical environments. We also share weekly cybersecurity tips and you can find business cultural and leadership knowledge from our President. 

Reporting Solutions with SQL Server

Brett Romershausen – Applications Consultant Are you looking for a great reporting solution and are not quite sure where to start?  You may already have one and simply not realize it.  If you have Microsoft SQL Express Advanced, SQL Server Standard Edition

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Microsoft Software Asset Management

Dezarae Loewen, Inside Product Manager & Microsoft Licensing Specialist Microsoft has recently undertaken an initiative to increase requests that customers do an audit on their Microsoft software.  Have you recently received a notice from Microsoft about a Microsoft Software Asset Management

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Microsoft to Increase CALs – Effective 8/1/15

Keller Schroeder was recently informed that Microsoft is planning to increase the cost of their Client Access Licenses (CAL). On-premise user CAL pricing will increase by approximately 13% effective on August 1st, 2015. The list price for Device CALs will not

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Spotlight On…

Employee Owners: Paul Miller   Paul’s professional experience spans over 20 years across the IT departments of industries as diverse as Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing and Distribution, Energy, and Broadcasting. Most recently Paul was a Senior Solutions Architect/Team Lead for Baptist Health

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Measuring Adoption

Rob Wilson, Business Unit Director – Application Solutions We all know it is important to measure return on investment (ROI) when implementing a new solution. Solution ‘x’ saved ‘y’ dollars by requiring ‘z’ fewer hours from employees ‘a’ and ‘b.’ But

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Satisfaction Continues

Carissa Montgomery  [Marketing & Communications Coordinator]   “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” –Bill Gates, Microsoft   While Keller Schroeder is blessed to have fantastic relationships with our clients, we value any opportunity to acquire insight

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