Keller Schroeder has extensive experience designing and deploying voice, video, and messaging solutions that integrate with existing systems while delivering the highest quality performance. Our team can help you to create a unified and consistent environment for communication across all locations, as well as deliver seamless inter-company collaboration.

Whether you are looking to migrate from an on-premises solution or add new features and functionality, we can provide the expertise and guidance needed for successful implementation of Unified Communications solutions. 

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Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) present businesses with a multitude of advantages that extend beyond simplified communication. Notably, it enhances collaboration, leading to improved productivity and efficiency. Employees can swiftly and easily share information, regardless of their location, fostering a dynamic, connected workforce.

UC systems also reduce costs. By integrating various communication channels into a single platform, businesses can eliminate the expense of maintaining multiple systems. Moreover, the adoption of VoIP technology within UC diminishes the cost of international or long-distance calls.

In terms of business continuity, UC systems offer high resilience. Distributed technologies enable continued communication even during network outages or disasters. Thus, business operations can persist without disruption.

Furthermore, UC paves the way for improved customer service. Quick response times, easy access to customer data, and seamless transition between communication channels lead to enhanced customer interactions and satisfaction.

Lastly, UC systems offer scalability. They can easily adapt and grow with your business, accommodating new users, locations, or features without substantial costs or complications.

In sum, Unified Communications provide a comprehensive solution, removing communication barriers and enabling businesses to operate more effectively.