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Each month, Keller Schroeder’s subject matter experts provide content about the latest tools, services, and technologies to help you understand how you can better grow, protect, and optimize your technical environments. We also share weekly cybersecurity tips and you can find business cultural and leadership knowledge from our President. 

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Employee Owners: Ty Nixon   Ty has 9 years of experience in the Information Technology field.  Prior to his role with Keller Schroeder, he designed, implemented, and maintained server, network, and cabling infrastructure for 56 locations in a post-secondary environment with

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Phish or Be Phished? The Choice is Yours

Brad Mathis, Senior Consultant, Information Security It is mid-2015.  By now, we have all seen incoming emails claiming we have been bequeathed a huge sum of money from a Nigerian Prince, or we have won a foreign lottery we never entered. 

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Reporting Solutions with SQL Server

Brett Romershausen – Applications Consultant Are you looking for a great reporting solution and are not quite sure where to start?  You may already have one and simply not realize it.  If you have Microsoft SQL Express Advanced, SQL Server Standard Edition

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Bandwagon Thinking

I don’t get it, but people sometimes accuse me of being a “bandwagon” guy.   I’m a huge St. Louis baseball fan and a lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fan.  Just because the Cardinals have won more World Series Championships than any

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