Bandwagon Thinking

Cards UKI don’t get it, but people sometimes accuse me of being a “bandwagon” guy.   I’m a huge St. Louis baseball fan and a lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fan.  Just because the Cardinals have won more World Series Championships than any other National League team, and the Wildcats have won more games than any other Division I college team, does that make me a “bandwagon” fan?


It’s not too hard to imagine how a little guy growing up in Paducah, Kentucky would be indoctrinated as a follower of both of these sports “religions.” Admittedly, though, it’s not too hard to follow the Cardinals and the Wildcats.  They are winners.  Most people enjoy winning more than losing.  And yes, I am going to resist any temptation to reference the Chicago Cubs in this article.


While my sports loyalties subject me to some unfounded criticism (heck, I even have a license plate on the front of my SUV espousing my commitment to both teams – shouldn’t that count for something?), being a bandwagon person can be a very good thing when it comes to choosing your information technology partners, solutions, and strategies.  You need to choose proven winners – paths, organizations and people with demonstrated success over the long run.


At Keller Schroeder, we are well-informed and connected with the latest tools, vendors, technologies, and processes to help you leverage the best outcome for your business.  We have been intentional about avoiding the “bleeding edge.”  We encourage and embrace innovation and change, but we believe in doing our research, aligning ourselves with successful partners, products, and techniques, and focusing on substance and excellence over form and fashion.


We may be accused of being “bandwagon-types”, but we are okay with that reputation.  Picking the underdog might be fun in sports – even profitable at times at the race track – but it is not what you expect of us.  Whether it is the employee-owners we recruit, or the vendors we partner with, or the solutions we recommend, we look for experience and a proven track record of performance.  We hope you appreciate this about us.


Larry May



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