Cisco SMARTnet became Smart Net Total Care on July 27, 2015

The converged service will now be branded Smart Net Total Care.  The new service delivers the same award-winning technical service capabilities of SMARTnet, while entitling every customer and partner to the smart service capabilities of Smart Net Total Care, which includes:Total Care

  • Validated data about your installed base, viewable on an intuitive web portal.
  • Easy access to contract status so you can see you have the right service coverage.
  • Consolidated network view to better identify, track, manage, and respond to issues with proactive diagnostics and
  • Faster problem solving and improved network uptime through award-winning technical support services


With Smart Net Total Care, you receive highly secure, ongoing visibility into your Cisco installed base, analyzed and correlated with Cisco intellectual capital. This gives you an up-to-date understanding of what is covered and not covered, and what is nearing or past the last day of support.


To better understand the new Cisco merged service, please find links below to short video clips:

SMARTnet merges into Smart Net Total Care   7:44min

Smart Net Total Care – How it works   0:50min

Smart Net Total Care – Portal Overview   1:29min

Smart Net Total Care – Is it secure?   2:17min

Smart Net Total Care — Quick Start version 3.0   9:42min


If you have any further questions regarding Cisco Smart Net Total Care, your Keller Schroeder Account Manager would be happy to assist you.


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