23 Aug 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Callback Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Callback Phishing Scam

When you make a phone call, do you really know who's on the other end of the line? Here's what to look for when identifying callback scams.

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16 Aug 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 PayPal Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – PayPal Invoice Scam

Cybercriminals can use legitimate websites like PayPal to pass through spam filters and take advantage of their next victim. Stay safe!

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10 Aug 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Energy Bill Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Watch Out for Phishy Energy Bill Scams

Energy bills are rising…and so are cybersecurity attacks. Keep a look out for this new scam that tries to phish you with a phony bill.

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02 Aug 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 QuickBooks - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Using QuickBooks to Make a Quick Buck

QuickBooks is a free tool often used to track finances; however, cybercriminals are using this tool for their own schemes.

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26 Jul 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 MFA Bomb - Website
Security Tip of the Week – MFA Prompt Bombing

Although Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can help keep your information secure, cybercriminals can still use it against you. Watch out!

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20 Jul 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Multi-Vector Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Malicious Multi-Vector Attacks

You can probably spot a phishy email from a mile away. But what if you get an email AND a phone call? Would you respond then?

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12 Jul 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Whatsapp Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – What’s Up with WhatsApp Scams?

Cybercriminals can use WhatsApp to steal your account info to scam your family and friends. Do you know how to spot this scam?

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06 Jul 2022
ISG - Security - Back to Basics - Part 1
Security: Back to Basics – What You MUST be Doing NOW (Part 1)

We can get so focused on the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity that we forget about the fundamentals. It's time to get back to the basics.

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29 Jun 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Prime Day 2022 - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Prime Time for Amazon Prime Day Scams

As Amazon Prime Day 2022 approaches, be sure to keep an eye out for some tricky scam tactics from cybercriminals.

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21 Jun 2022
SOTW - KnowBe4 Monkeypox Scam - Website
Security Tip of the Week – How Cybercriminals are Using Monkeypox to Their Advantage

The recent rise in monkeypox has provided cybercriminals another opportunity to prey on their victims. Read more to stay safe!

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