06 Jun 2023
KnowBe4 AI Phisbait
Security Tip of the Week – Obscured, Obfuscated Links

Cybercriminals are now using obfuscated links to steal information by hiding IP addresses instead of URLs, making it difficult for users to verify the legitimacy of links sent in urgent emails.

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30 May 2023
STOW web google
Security Tip of the Week – Permission to Hack

Cybercriminals disguised a screen recording app as legitimate on the Google Play Store, tricking users into granting permissions to steal personal information such as location and text messages.

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23 May 2023
Security Tip PayPal
Security Tip of the Week – PayPal Payment Ploy

In a recent scam, cybercriminals are sending you a phishing email saying that one of your PayPal payments didn't process and you need to act fast.

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17 May 2023
STOW- Bank Smishing
Security Tip of the Week – Smishing for Bank Information

In a recent smishing attack, cybercriminals are sending SMS messages pretending to be a bank in order to steal credit card information.

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09 May 2023
STOW fednow web
Security Tip of the Week – Watch Out for FedNow Scams

We expect to see an influx of cybercriminals taking advantage of FedNow’s popularity in their phishing scams. Stay safe from this scam!

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03 May 2023
STOW - Coronation - Web
Security Tip of the Week – Watch Out for Coronation-Related Scams

With King Charles III's upcoming coronation, keep an eye out for phishing attacks and social media disinformation from cybercriminals.

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26 Apr 2023
STOW Link Web
Security Tip of the Week – Linktree Link Scam

Cybercriminals are using Linktree to host malicious links to try and steal your personal information. Stay safe from this scam with these tips.

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18 Apr 2023
AI Phishbait Web
Security Tip of the Week – AI Phishbait

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of AI's increasing popularity to steal your information. Don't fall for this scam!

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11 Apr 2023
Interview Scam Microphone
Security Tip of the Week – Interview with a Cybercriminal

In a new scam, cybercriminals are impersonating media outlets and luring you in with a fake interview. Don't fall for it!

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28 Mar 2023
STOW - KnowBe4 SVB Scams - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Watch Out for Silicon Valley Bank Scams

Cybercriminals are using Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) recent shutdown to catch your attention to try and make you their next victim.

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