23 Mar 2018
Carbon Black Defense Endpoint Security

Paul Miller – [Senior Systems Engineer] The world of endpoint security is a very crowded market right now, making it difficult to discern what makes one solution better than another. We at Keller Schroeder found ourselves hunting for answers in this market space last summer, and underwent an evaluation of the top ten solutions on the market....

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26 Jul 2016
Penetration Tests – Why does your organization need one?

Chris Fortune – [Security Consultant] Penetration testing helps businesses understand if their investment in security actually affords them the protection they want.  To help in your understanding, let’s start with defining some terms to make sure we are using the same vocabulary. Threat – agent or actor that can cause harm Vulnerability – a flaw someone...

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19 May 2016
It’s OK to Ignore the CEO, When it is NOT the CEO!

Brad Mathis  – [Senior Consultant – Information Security] Imagine the following scenario. You are going through your daily routine and you receive an urgent email from the CEO.  The email is urgent, appears to be time sensitive, and is requiring you to act immediately.  You are aware the CEO is currently out on vacation or away on...

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19 May 2016
ProofPoint Email Protection – Not Your Average Spam Filter

Chance Webster  – [Systems Engineer – Network Solutions Group] In today’s fast paced world, e-mail is the medium that drives business.  Not only do we use email to conduct day to day operations and communicate with employees, customers, and business partners, we also use email to advertise products and services, convey information to a large group,...

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15 Mar 2016
Systems Team Proactive Performance Management (PPM) Services

Chris Haynes  – [Keller Schroeder Engineer]         An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin Virtualization has become the norm in most data centers, but so is the expectation of zero downtime. Preventative maintenance is the best insurance against downtime and security threats in your storage/virtualization environment. Preventative...

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19 Jan 2016
LogRhythm 7 – Next-Gen Security Threat Detection & Response

Brad Mathis – [Senior Consultant, Information Security]   LogRhythm, The Security Intelligence Company, recently unveiled LogRhythm 7, a major upgrade to their security intelligence and analytics platform.  With new and enhanced features and capabilities, LogRhythm continues to be a leader in the SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) space.   Chris Peterson, senior vice-president of products,...

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23 Nov 2015
Spotlight On…

Employee Owners: Chris Fortune   Chris Fortune is a 20 year veteran in IT. His experience began as a co-op student on a helpdesk and quickly escalated into increasingly challenging roles in network engineering, system engineering, and telecom. Security has always been the common thread of Chris’ work with these other disciplines.  He has also had...

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30 Jul 2015
Phish or Be Phished? The Choice is Yours

Brad Mathis, Senior Consultant, Information Security It is mid-2015.  By now, we have all seen incoming emails claiming we have been bequeathed a huge sum of money from a Nigerian Prince, or we have won a foreign lottery we never entered.  Most employees have seen these scam emails long enough to know they are not real....

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21 May 2015
TechSpot Recap : VMware-Kaspersky “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Premiere

Carissa Montgomery, Marketing & Communications Coordinator   On Friday May 1st, VMware and Kaspersky Lab joined Keller Schroeder in treating a group of our clients and their guests to a private showing of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” at Showplace Cinemas. Before the movie began, attendees and Keller Schroeder employee-owners listened to presentations from VMware and Kaspersky...

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23 Jan 2015
Security Requires Visibility

Schuyler Dorsey [Security Consultant] As both attacks and networks grow more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to secure the infrastructure and its data. One of the key components to retaining network security is ensuring you have insight or visibility as to what is actually happening in your network. For total visibility, you need to be able...

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