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28 Jul 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Homoglyph - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Sp0t thę HomogIyph

Cybercriminals use homoglyphs to trick you into thinking a domain belongs to a trusted company.

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21 Jul 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Macros - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Macros on Macros

Cybercriminals are using innocent-looking Microsoft Word documents which include a less innocent pop-up that asks you to enable macros.

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14 Jul 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Kaseya - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Kaseya Security Crisis Scams

Cybercriminals are now using the Kaseya incident as bait to catch your attention and manipulate your emotions.

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30 Jun 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 5 Stars - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Five-Star Fraud

Cybercriminals often use fake reviews that seem legitimate to trick users into downloading malicious browser extensions.

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16 Jun 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 FINRA Phishing - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Phony FINRA Phishing

Organizations strive to be compliant with regulations, which is why receiving an email that appears to be from FINRA can be quite startling.

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09 Jun 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Phone Smishing - Website
Security Tip of the Week – New Smishing Scam Borrows Your Phone

In a new smishing attack, cybercriminals send messages that can use your number to send smishing texts to random, unsuspecting victims.

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26 May 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Synonyms - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Using Synonyms to Scam, Con, and Dupe You

Cybercriminals can bypass your email filter and get their phishing email into your inbox using one simple tool: synonyms.

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19 May 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 QuickBooks - Website
Security Tip of the Week – QuickBooks Used as Bait for a Quick Scam

Pair a claim that you owe money with a QuickBooks-themed phishing email and malicious malware, and you get a dangerous cybersecurity threat.

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12 May 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Wrong Password - Website
Security Tip of the Week – Credential Scam with a Clever Twist

Cybercriminals have a clever new scam that takes advantage of a user’s typical behavior when he or she receives a “wrong password” error.

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05 May 2021
SOTW - KnowBe4 Short URLs- Website
Security Tip of the Week – Smishing and Shortened URLs

Smishing attacks can be difficult to catch, especially because both legitimate and phishy text messages tend to use shortened URLs.

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