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In Sync

While taking a walk on the trails behind USI over the holidays, I noticed an elderly couple ahead of me cutting a pretty healthy pace and seeming to enjoy every minute of their time together. There was an engaging conversation,

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Satisfaction Continues

Carissa Montgomery  [Marketing & Communications Coordinator]   “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” –Bill Gates, Microsoft   While Keller Schroeder is blessed to have fantastic relationships with our clients, we value any opportunity to acquire insight

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Why Nimble Storage?

Chris Haynes [Sr. Systems Consultant]   Are your storage costs getting out of control? Do you need more storage performance, but think you can’t afford it? Are you contemplating that support renewal vs. a storage refresh decision? Well, then you

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Security Requires Visibility

Schuyler Dorsey [Security Consultant] As both attacks and networks grow more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to secure the infrastructure and its data. One of the key components to retaining network security is ensuring you have insight or visibility as to

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