Month: April 2014

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Keller Schroeder Wellness Program Gifts to Community Exceed $10,000

Evansville, Indiana (April 30, 2014) – Like many businesses looking for ways to control healthcare costs, Keller Schroeder provides a comprehensive Wellness Program to provide resources and incentives for employees to encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Unlike most businesses, Keller Schroeder’s Wellness Program also contributes to the wellness of its community.

Since October 2012, Keller Schroeder has contributed monthly gifts of $450 or $600 to 13 different United Way partner agencies in the Evansville area.  A wellness incentive program called “Step-It-Up” encourages each employee-owner at Keller Schroeder to exercise for a targeted amount of time each month – a goal of 450 minutes or a stretch goal of 600 minutes.   Those who meet their goals are entered into a monthly drawing.  If selected in the drawing, the company makes a donation in the employee-owner’s name to the United Way partner agency of their choice.  Keller Schroeder developed its own mobile app to record exercise activities and track progress toward goals each month.

“We felt tying employee-owner wellness to community wellness just made sense,” says company wellness coordinator Judy Hamilton.  “We had been doing monthly drawings for several years as an incentive to exercise.  Since our employee-owners are community-minded, we thought they would appreciate the opportunity to translate their hard work to stay healthy into a benefit for their favorite United Way partner agency.”

The company also provides other wellness incentives and resources, such as discounts on medical insurance premiums, weekly office visits by a wellness coach, and annual wellness screenings onsite from Deaconess LifeQuest Services.  “The incentive programs – contests and give-aways – have always been a supporting part of our Wellness Program,” says Hamilton, “but the real benefits come from positive fitness and lifestyle choices by our employee-owners.  The idea of winning the monthly drawing, and being able to direct a contribution to a worthy agency in our community in lieu of some other prize or personal benefit, has been received very well by our staff.”

Since October, 2012, contributions by Keller Schroeder through this program have totaled over $10,300, distributed to the following organizations:  Albion Fellow Bacon Center, American Red Cross, Carver Community Organization, Catholic Charities Bureau, Christian Resource Center, Evansville ARC, Goodwill Family Center, Impact Christian Health Ministries, Lampion Center, St. Vincent Center for Children and Families, Vanderburgh County CASA, Visiting Nurse Association, and VOICES.