Month: January 2012

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Spotlight On…

Employee Owner: Corey Ainscough


Corey has over 13 years of experience in the Information Technology field. Prior to his role with Keller Schroeder, his experiences came from the Educational environment where his focus was primarily on support of workstations for facility and staff. Corey then spent nearly seven years with Old National Bank supporting and managing projects involving development and migration of over 3,500 workstations in six states, server builds/migrations for acquired banks along with daily support of backups, messaging and nearly 400 additional applications. His most recent efforts focus around security architecture and implementation as well as Microsoft server and messaging technologies for various sized clients including a Global Nutrition Company. With over 100 locations in 30+ countries, this client utilized Corey where he spent the better part of six months traveling globally in order to support phases of a complex project including site conversions in Europe and Asia.

Global travel was a fun experience for Corey who grew up in the small southern Indiana town of Odon (population 1,400). Corey moved to Evansville in 1997 for college where he later met his wife Megan in 2006. They now live in Newburgh with their two sons Reid (23 months) and Carson (12 weeks). When he is not playing trains or reading books to his sons, Corey enjoys renovating investment properties and training for half marathons. He is a Senior Consultant.

Contact your Keller Schroeder Sr. Account Manager to learn more about Corey and how you can leverage his experience and skills to the benefit of your organization.

Corey’s Certifications include:
Global Information Assurance Certified in Security (GSEC), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Security (MCSE + Security), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – Windows Server 2008 (MCTS 2008 Server), Comptia Security+, Comptia Network+, Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)

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Licensing: The SQL

– Dezarae Miller, Inside Account Manager

Microsoft SQL Server 2012’s availability is approaching. Part of this significant release there are changes not only in the product itself, but its licensing structure. The Microsoft SQL Server Editions have been revamped to better align with the current customer deployment models. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will be released with 3 new editions: Standard, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise.

Standard Edition will be focused on basic database, reporting and analytics capabilities. Business Intelligence (BI) will include all the features of Standard Edition plus premium BI features. Enterprise Edition will include all available Microsoft SQL Server 2012 features. The Developer, Express and Compact Editions are still available.

The new editions also produce a new licensing model for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Their previous two licensing offerings – “computing power-based” model and “per server/CAL” model – will still be available. However, the computing power-based model’s base will shift from a “per processor” to a “per core” calculation. The Enterprise Edition will be sold using only this new “per core” model, the Standard Edition will be available in either “per core” or “per server/CAL” models, and the Business Intelligence Edition will be available only in the “per server/CAL” model.

The new Core-based licenses will be sold in two-core packs and to license a physical server correctly, it must be licensed for all cores in that server with a minimum of 4 cores per physical processor.

As with any new release, there may also be a fluctuation in price. We expect little difference in the “per processor” and “per core” models. There is an expected 27% increase in the “per Server/CAL” model. With the expected release date of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in the first half of 2012, now is a great time to purchase the current SQL version with Software Assurance, guaranteeing your access to the free license upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 upon its release.

For any additional questions, please contact your Keller Schroeder Senior Account Manager for more information, from identifying the Software Assurance and migration benefits your company is eligible to receive to purchasing or renewing your existing licenses prior to these changes taking effect.

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The People Factor

I have held about a half dozen different positions over my 30-year professional career with two highly reputable and successful companies. On the first work day of this year, I celebrated exactly 15 years with Company Number 2, which coincidentally followed exactly 15 years with Company Number 1.

Other than all of this sounding weirdly symmetrical, I can draw two rather unrelated conclusions about my career:

1. Most of my attempts at mapping out my path have been futile – that is, much of what has come my way has been the result of circumstances and influences from God and people besides myself, rather than finely tuned goals, planning or engineering on my part.

2. For me, the source of fun and fulfillment in my work has been much more closely related to the people I work with rather than the content of my job description.

At Keller Schroeder, I get to work with some of the most talented, conscientious, and caring people on the planet. I really mean that. I know I’m “supposed” to say that, as the leader of an organization. But you, as our client, know I am telling the truth because those same people are the ones who served you in 2011.

I am proud to work alongside the 78 Keller Schroeder employee-owners who contributed over 100,000 hours to the success of over 200 clients in 2011. These are people who understand how inextricably our success is tied to yours. And, these are people who are unique in how deeply they care about you – both as a client and as an individual.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback on how we are doing. Please let us know if we fail to meet your expectations. The longer we serve you, the more likely it is that we will disappoint you, at least once. We are human. How we respond when we miss the mark will hopefully contribute to your confidence in us. Also please be sure and let us know when we make your day! That’s why we are here.

We wish you a successful and prosperous 2012. I hope you have an even greater opportunity to meet and work with the people of Keller Schroeder who so frequently make it a good day for me at the office.

Larry May

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Fair & (Insight) Balanced

– Jeff Gorman, Business Unit Director

The modern data center architecture in many organizations is radically different from the layout in the recent past. The proliferation of shared storage, virtual servers, and the provisioning of single applications across a variety of these resources is a significant departure from the historical model of individual physical servers supporting specific applications. The benefits of the new architecture are well documented with respect to efficient utilization of resources, potential power and space savings, improved business continuity, and many other facets that present compelling business cases.

One aspect of the new architecture that does not seem to draw much focus is the perspective that traditional tools are unable to effectively assist in the provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of this heterogeneous environment. With such a dramatically different means for allocating resources, and such a fundamental difference in what key metrics need to be gathered for management and troubleshooting, new tools are required to maximize the benefits of the intended efficiency improvements. Without a comprehensive, unified view across key platforms, it is not possible to ensure the appropriate balance of resource allocation is being achieved to ensure systems are adequately provisioned. Without that comprehensive view, it is not possible to get a unified analysis of performance across systems to assist with capacity planning, proactive allocation, and consistent service level performance.


NetApp’s Insight Balance is a performance and capacity management software solution providing analysis across IT virtualization layers and technology silos for both virtual and physical servers and storage. It is a tool designed to provide a unified view of the modern data center architecture, allowing organizations to maximize the benefits of their computing resources. The solution is not specific to NetApp storage; it works with Dell, EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, and NetApp storage as well as Windows, HP-UX, RHE, Solaris, VMware, and Hyper-V servers.

Unlike traditional management tools that look only at one silo (physical or virtual, servers or storage), Insight Balance agentless software dynamically models and analyzes the entire server and storage infrastructure to understand how application workloads, utilization levels, and resources interact, bringing much-needed infrastructure-wide intelligence to the data center. Its sophisticated analytics provide intelligent alerting, actionable recommendations, and proactive service management guidance to help with remediation, optimization, and planning. Leveraging Insight Balance as an independent advisor, IT managers invest in capital equipment only when they truly require it, not when a vendor says they do.

By helping system administrators effectively plan across the server and storage platforms that are shared among multiple systems, providing proactive management of those physical and virtual systems, and providing an integrated view for root cause analysis of issues within those heterogeneous systems, Insight Balance provides significant business benefits for organizations looking to maximize the positive impact of their data center resources.

Contact your Keller Schroeder Account Manager for more information or a demonstration of NetApp Insight Balance.