Month: August 2009

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The View – VMWare View Desktop Virtualization

Is your desktop environment becoming more and more difficult to manage? Are you worried about the security of your data on mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones? Has desktop patch and update management become a nightmare? Are you under pressure to reduce your desktop operational costs? Are you being asked to improve user’s mobility at the same time? These seemingly conflicting goals are huge challenges that IT managers face today.

How are IT managers addressing these challenges?

Virtualization. As always, VMware is leading the virtualization charge in this area as well. VMware has a suite of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) products that address each of these challenges head on. VMware View and it’s optional complimentary products (Composer & ThinApp) work with VMware’s server virtualization infrastructure (VMware ESX / vSphere / vCenter) to address these desktop security, mobility, and management issues.

How does VMware View work?

VMware View works by creating virtual desktops on robust, scalable VMware servers in the data center that provide centralized management, high availability, rapid provisioning of desktops, and instant backup/recovery, all inherited from the server virtualization infrastructure. VMware View adds to this by adding a unique feature called “linked clones” that allows admins to provision multiple desktop images from a “golden” desktop image, either manually or automatically based on policies, and compartmentalizes the base OS, application, application data, and user data into separate areas for quicker and easier desktop provisioning, patch management, and security policy control. This also saves a lot of disk storage space by using thin provisioning and deduplicating all the redundant data.

What about the desktop users?

By moving the desktop environment to the data center, you can satisfy all the security, backup, & management needs of IT administrators, but what about the desktop users? How will their experience be improved? The biggest advantages that end users gain from desktop virtualization is they can now access their desktop or a set of desktops from many different devices at work, at home, or even while traveling, all w/ optional SSL connectivity for optimal security. They can even check out their virtual desktop to their laptop to run as an image in “Offline Desktop” mode, then check back in or just resync w/ the virtual desktop the next time they are on the network. End user devices include existing desktops and laptops, thin clients and smart phones. Great strides have been made in the past couple years to make the end user virtual desktop experience as good or better than stand-alone physical desktops. You can connect local USB drives & printers and use multiple monitors w/ most thin clients today. Boot time is typically much faster than a stand-alone desktop and overall performance is typically the same or better for most users.

The Advantage of View

VMware View’s biggest advantages over competing desktop virtualization products is their ability to compartmentalize the OS, application, and data, providing the most efficient provisioning and patching procedures; minimizing the storage footprint of all the virtual desktops using thin provisioning, and/or linked clones; rapidly and automatically provisioning virtual desktops based on desktop pool profiles; providing finite control over each user’s desktop authority; offering flexibility in pushing patches to groups of users or individuals; and creating one-to-one or one-to-many user to virtual desktop relationships in either persistent or non-persistent modes. All innovative features that allow administrators maximum security and manageability of desktops, while allowing end users maximum functionality, performance, and mobility.

Contact your Keller Schroeder Senior Account Manager to learn more or discuss the benefits of implementing this technology within your environment.

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Rounding Out Your Staffing Options

You may already know that Keller Schroeder provides highly-skilled IT consultants on a contract basis through both our “core staff” employee-owners and our network of independent contractors sourced by our Staffing Solutions Group. What you may not know is the extent to which we can provide customized staffing options to help you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

A proper mix of recruiting, hiring, contracting, and variations of each of these strategies are necessary during challenging economic times to ensure that you have the right people in place at the right time for your organization.

In addition to traditional contracting services, Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions Group offers a full array of workforce acquisition and outsourcing options, including contract-to-hire, payrolling, and fee-based recruiting. We can even provide onsite recruiting assistance.

Recently, a client wanted to fill a full-time position but could not obtain approval to add headcount immediately. They enlisted Keller Schroeder to assist with a contract-to-hire placement. Through our recruitment and screening process, we placed a contractor initially on an hourly fee basis, but we included contract language to allow the client to hire this individual full-time for a discounted recruiting fee after a window of time when circumstances were more favorable for them to fill the position.

Several of our clients have successfully brought back former employees using our payrolling service. In one case, an employee resigned to move out of state, but our client wanted to continue a contracted engagement remotely. In another recent case, the client wanted to reengage with a retiree. Keller Schroeder handled all the paperwork and payroll details, offering a reduced pricing arrangement reflecting the fact that we invested less time in the recruiting/screening process.

Keller Schroeder’s Staffing Solutions Group has a wealth of HR and recruiting experience. We have provided fee-based recruiting services to help our clients fill full-time positions. We have also provided recruiting services on a contract basis to help hiring managers navigate through the time-consuming process of soliciting and screening candidates, setting up interviews, and qualifying and hiring the best candidates.

Contact Susie Mattingly, our Director of Staffing Solutions, to discuss your workforce acquisition and/or outsourcing needs. Or, visit our Staffing Solutions page on our website to learn how we can help you round out your staffing options!