A new competitor – a cost containment strategy – a unique customer service opportunity – any of these challenges may point to the need for a software solution.  Packaged software is often the right first alternative to consider versus recreating the wheel by building your own solution.  If a reputable packaged software solution already exists that provides the majority of functionality without significant customization, packaged software may facilitate a quicker deployment of a new application, perhaps at a lower cost.  However, rushing into a software purchase can be very painful and costly.  Taking the proper steps to insure that the software and the provider are right for your need can greatly improve your chances of accomplishing your objectives.

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Keller Schroeder offers experience, structure, and discipline to guide you through the search and selection process, maximizing your probability for success.  We do not represent any application software packages, so we can serve as an independent resource for helping your organization select and deploy the solution that is right for you.

Most software licenses include annual upgrade/support fees of 15 to 20% of the list price of the package.  Implementation services by vendors can exceed the price of the software itself.  Keller Schroeder can help your organization anticipate and plan for these and other nuances of packaged software implementation.

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