Integration Tools

Integration between disparate systems has become much easier with technologies such as web services, HTTPS, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Whether you are integrating internal systems or extending your environment externally to customers, partners or suppliers, integration tools and techniques facilitate improved access to information and more streamlined operations.

Web services use common standards and internet technologies to allow you to share information with other parties who have different technology platforms. Your organization may also consume the web services of others to obtain needed information. HTTPS is commonly used as a method to connect with external software services via the internet (i.e. credit score information). EAI tools (i.e. Vitria, TIBCO, and webMethods) are increasingly important in complex environments where multiple software solutions must communicate seamlessly across disparate technology platforms. EDI has become prevalent among businesses of all types and sizes and can be used effectively to maximize integration with your suppliers and vendors.

At Keller Schroeder, our consultants are capable of determining the right tools for integration and leveraging them to make best use of your organization’s technology assets.

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