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Improving business processes through a variety of platforms, visualization, and development tools.

Prioritizing data and analytics activities with key organizational goals and objectives.

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Technical recruitment and placement of IT professionals across a multitude of industries.

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Many organizations today have both a public web presence – a site that any prospective viewer may access – and a password-protected area, commonly known as an extranet, accessible only to specific audiences such as customers or suppliers for self-service applications such as order entry or customer service inquiries. Some firms also deploy intranets for limited access only by employees for functions such as HR forms and policies, online benefits enrollment, and company newsletters.

Keller Schroeder can help your organization with any of these applications – establishing an initial site, redesigning an aging site, or deploying new applications with valuable new services for your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

We are experts at building secure, reliable sites that are integrated with your internal applications, data, and business processes. This may be critically important when, for example, your customer checks their order status via your extranet. They need to get the same “real time” answer from the extranet as they do when they call your customer service representative who uses your core application internally. If not, the customer’s confidence in your extranet will fail, and the value of that application to you will be diminished.

Case Study: Web Portal Streamlines Business

We are capable of helping you in the creative design of your site. We are also willing to work with your creative team, or partner with a creative design firm to deliver the appropriate “look and feel” for your web presence.

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