The following business use cases demonstrate the successful implementation of our Data Strategy Framework by Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Group through the use of advanced analytics for business performance enhancement. These cases illustrate the transformation of raw data into actionable insights, leveraging predictive modelling and machine learning techniques to drive informed decision-making. They provide a detailed representation of how the framework can be used to solve complex business problems, streamline operations, enable strategic planning, and ultimately, boost profitability. 

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Data Lifecycle Management

A desire to implement Data Governance over critical asset data quickly evolved into a more strategic approach to do data lifecycle management.

Data Strategy Assessment

Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Group offers a current state assessment as part of their Data Strategy Framework. The assessment is typically an early step in the development of your Data Strategy.


Data Strategy

When Will You Learn?

Your future success is dependent on your ability to learn. Will you allow yourself to take a strategic pause to learn?

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Data Strategy

AI Models: Build or Buy?

When evaluating AI models, the possibilities are endless. But when discerning how to use AI to best suit your company, the question becomes more complex: To build? Or to buy?

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