Blending Investment with Genuine Connection for Organizational Excellence

The belief that trust is the foundation of a thriving organization is more than just a principle; it’s a practiced reality.

Keller Schroeder is a technology company, providing tools, strategies, and services to help businesses get better. While many other companies provide similar benefits, our key differentiator is our culture. This culture, defined by our employee-ownership structure and grounded in trust, shared knowledge, accountability, and growth, is vital for both our success and our ability to better serve our clients. This environment encourages engagement, innovation, and a collective focus on the company’s success – ultimately making Keller Schroeder an amazing place to work.

We believe trust is a key component of a healthy organization.

At Keller Schroeder, we recognize that a strong and dynamic company is built on healthy relationships among team members. Trust is the cornerstone of our organizational culture, not merely a term we use casually. Absent of trust, all conflict becomes unhealthy, and teams become ineffective.  Unlike environments where conflict thrives due to a lack of trust, leading to team breakdowns, we emphasize fostering positive relationships to ensure long-term organizational health.

Distinguishing between ‘spending time’ and ‘investing time’ with our employees.

It is common to hear people talk about the value of spending time with their family. The time strengthens bonds, provides opportunity to both give and receive guidance, and helps fill a critical human need for meaningful relationships. It is rewarding for both the person and their family. It is also common to hear management advice on the importance of investing time in employees. There is, however, a critical difference between ‘spending time’ and ‘investing time’, and both are important in the health of an organization.  An ‘investment’ is a devotion to an undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile return. There is an implied trade-off. If a relationship is built exclusively on a foundation of ‘investment,’ it means the investor is always expecting something in return. The person being invested in always owes a worthwhile result to the investor to live up their part of the agreement.

While investing in our employees is vital, we believe that a truly supportive work environment goes beyond transactions. For example, offering support to a colleague during personal challenges exemplifies ‘spending time’ that fosters deeper trust and bonds, surpassing the typical investment-return dynamic. At Keller Schroeder, we advocate for a blend of both approaches — investing in our team’s professional development while also cherishing the invaluable human connections formed through shared quality time.

Feel valued, supported, and essential to our company’s success.

At Keller Schroeder, you will encounter a culture that understands that success is not only about the tasks we perform, but also about the people with whom we collaborate. If you are looking for a professional culture that focuses on creating an environment where every team member feels esteemed, supported, and essential to our joint achievements, consider joining our team of employee-owners.

Written By:

Jeff Gorman
Keller Schroeder


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