Security Tip of the Week – Fake Cryptocurrency Job Openings on LinkedIn

Don’t let a job opening scam trick you! Cybercriminals are sending people fake LinkedIn job openings at cryptocurrency organizations.

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Recruiters often use LinkedIn, a popular professional networking platform, to reach out to potential candidates about job opportunities. Unfortunately, cybercriminals send fake job opportunities through LinkedIn. Currently, they’re taking advantage of the growing interest in cryptocurrency to send fake job openings at cryptocurrency organizations.

In this scam, cybercriminals send you a recruitment message about a job opening at a prominent organization in the cryptocurrency industry, such as The message claims that positions are filling quickly and urges you to download an attachment to apply. However, if you download the attachment, you could also be downloading malware that can steal your sensitive information.

Don’t let a job opening scam trick you. Follow the tips below to keep your sensitive information safe:

  • Watch out for a sense of urgency in messages that you receive. Phishing attacks rely on impulsive actions, so always think before you click.
  • Never click a link or download an attachment in a message that you aren’t expecting.
  • Verify any recruitment messages by viewing the job openings that the organization has posted from their verified LinkedIn account or on their official website. Submit your application directly through these posts. 

Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled.

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