Security Tip of the Week – Watch Out for Phishy Energy Bill Scams

Energy bills are rising…and so are cybersecurity attacks. Keep a look out for this new scam that tries to phish you with a phony bill.

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During times of economic change, cybercriminals will use fear and instability to their advantage. Now, they’re using concerns about energy costs to lure victims into their malicious scams. These scams offer rebates, refunds, or discounts for energy bills to appeal to frustrations about rising costs.

In a recent scam, cybercriminals send you an email offering you a refund on your latest energy bill. The email includes a link to a website where you’re asked to provide personal information, such as your bank account credentials, in order to receive the refund. If you share this information with cybercriminals, they can steal your money and target you in future scams.

Don’t fall for these scams! Follow the tips below to keep your information safe while keeping your lights on:

  • Cybercriminals often use urgent deadlines and scare tactics to trick you into sharing sensitive information. Always think before you click.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Verify any offers of rebates, refunds, or discounts by visiting your energy provider’s official website.
  • Before you click on a link, hover your mouse over it. Make sure that the link leads to a legitimate, safe website that corresponds with the content in the email.

Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled.

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