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For those who may not be familiar with InformaCast, Singlewire’s products have long been a part of Keller Schroeder’s Cisco Unified Communication (voice) solutions.  Historically, we’ve integrated the base InformaCast product into the Cisco UC environment as a mechanism to send live paging announcements over IP speakers or to a group of Cisco IP Phones where a traditional overhead paging system might not be available to or desired by the business environment.

InformaCast Advanced has since matured into a stand-alone solution with features specifically designed to allow emergency notifications between an increasing number of system inputs (triggers) and output devices (targets).  This application utilizes an on-prem physical or virtual appliance that receives the triggers and issues the alerts.

A parallel product (InformaCast Mobile) is a similar cloud-based mobile device offering, allowing triggered alerts to be sent to a predefined group of mobile devices simultaneously; however, the management of these two solutions are segmented as are the targets with which they interface.

InformaCast Fusion

Enter InformaCast Fusion!  This is the hybrid of these two solutions, creating a true mass notification system, unifying their management and associated targets into a single pane of glass, allowing more dynamic options in sending critical alerts to both target types utilizing a single triggering event.


  • Desk phones
  • Web console & Command Center
  • Microsoft Teams
  • iOS App(link is external) /  Android App(link is external)
  • Panic Buttons
  • Automated Inbound Triggers

  • Live audio
  • Ad hoc audio
  • Prerecorded audio
  • SMS text
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Push notification

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Desk phones 2
  • Mobile phones
  • IP speakers and clocks
  • Analog paging system
  • Computer desktops
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Digital signage
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Internet of Things

For more information on InformaCast Fusion, see a live demonstration and learn how this can integrate into your environment, please contact your Keller Schroeder Select Account Manager.

You can also catch a replay of our recent webinar with Singlewire here:


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