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Keller Schroeder’s Executive Innovation Workshop is designed to engage executives from your organization to discuss the value of analytics and how leveraging data can inform strategy and drive innovation.
Keller Schroeder Data Strategy Group - Advanced Analytics

Executive Work Session with our Experienced Data Strategy Group

What is our Executive Innovation Workshop?

During the personalized two – four hour workshop for your organization, Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy Group will review key analytics concepts and you’ll learn how data can be leveraged as a critical asset. We will also review industry case studies and engage in a brainstorming activity to generate ideas to use analytics within your organization.

After the workshop concludes, your team will be an aligned group of executives who use a common language and have an understanding of analytics concepts. The workshop will also help generate a list of key analytics projects to be initiated.

What You Will Gain from the Executive Innovation Workshop:

  • A deeper understanding of analytics concepts
  • Insight into how to leverage data as a critical asset
  • Industry use cases and trends
  • Group alignment among your participating executives
  • A list of key organizational analytics projects through group exercises
  • Actionable implementation next steps

Building an organizational competency with analytics is a cultural, as well as a technical, initiative.

manage data.

Data silos and redundancy are common. Controlling your data is essential to be effective with analytics.

do science.

Use math to generate new insights, improve operations, and innovate. Manage analytics projects like an investment portfolio.


get better

Align strategy, business process, and performance. Leverage data to generate revenue.

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