It isn't About What We do. It's about how We Do It.

We are proud of our company culture of ownership and its strong focus on accountability, shared knowledge, and shared growth. As owners in the company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), all of our employee-owners know they have a significant interest in the long-term success of our firm, directly influencing the way they interact with each other, with our clients, and within the community.

Our passion for serving our clients leads us to seek to develop and maintain long-term relationships where our partnership helps improve the performance of our clients’ businesses consistently. We actively listen, ask the extra question to better understand our clients’ needs, and make their best interests our priority. By striving to repeatedly exceed expectations in each interaction, we work to impact businesses in a positive and personal way. We hold dear our reputation for honesty and integrity in our conduct and transparency and candor in our communications.

We also feel strongly that companies, as members of the community, have the responsibility to be active in their support of the communities that fuel their existence. Due to that belief, we consistently give back to help develop others in the community. Whether it is employee-owner-driven or company-initiated, Keller Schroeder gives generously to our communities both in terms of financial support and in terms of volunteer hours.

Take a minute to read about Keller Schroeder or visit our Why Join Our Team page to learn more about ownership culture and the benefits of establishing a relationship with the Keller Schroeder team.

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Our focus on employee-ownership makes us better at our mission of being a technology company in the performance improvement business. All of our core staff employees are owners in the business, and because of our focus on sharing accountability, knowledge, and growth among those owners, we are different from most businesses. 

Shared Accountability Knowledge Growth

A Certified Employee-Owned Company

Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO) is a certification program for employee-owned companies. Employee ownership is valued by employees, consumers, and business leaders alike. Certified EO helps employee-owned companies capture the potential of employee ownership and spreads awareness of this vital concept. Certified EO also helps consumers, businesses, and employees know when they’re dealing with EO companies.

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From the President

A 2023 Holiday Message from Jeff Gorman, President

We are immensely thankful for our relationships with our clients, our connections within our communities, and the passion our employee-owners have for making positive, personal impacts. Amid the whirlwind of the end of the current year, we would like to take a peaceful moment of reflection.  The time building up to Christmas reminds us to

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From the President

Technical Curiosity

As an IT professional, are you fueled by learning new things? If so, you may have “technical curiosity,” a key trait for success.

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