Security Tip of the Week – Tollway Turmoil

Beware of smishing scams targeting motorists with fake toll due texts from the Pennsylvania Turnpike which could lead to data theft.

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Scams that occur over text messaging are called smishing scams. This week, cybercriminals are using smishing to target motorists. They send a fake text message claiming that you have a toll due for driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The toll is not for a large amount, but the message says that if it isn’t paid immediately, you will be charged additional late payment fees. 

There is a link in the text message, and you are instructed to tap the link in order to settle your balance. However, the text message is actually from cybercriminals, and if you tap the link, it could take you to a fake payment website. Cybercriminals use fake websites to steal your login credentials, take your money, and install malware on your phone. Always stop and think before you click! 
Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a smishing scam:

  • Be cautious when making a payment after receiving a text message. You should always visit the official website of the organization to make a payment instead of clicking the link in the message.
  • Always stop and question if a message is expected prior to taking action. If you have not recently driven on the tollway,  receiving a message regarding paying a toll would be very suspicious. 
  • This smishing scam targets drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But this sort of scam could target tollways in any location.

Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled.

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