Harvest the Value of Your Data

Data science service offerings are here to help you harvest the value of your data.

Are you tired of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science feeling abstract and unapproachable? Keller Schroeder’s Data Strategy group has distilled this complicated landscape into five clearly defined and broadly appealing service offerings. Our experts will provide requirements gathering, algorithm development, deployment and monitoring to ensure that your investment represents an end-to-end solution that will drive value long into the future.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Do you have data from multiple, complex sources that not only isn’t readily available, but isn’t being leveraged to gain insight? Let our PhD level statistics resources perform an Exploratory Data Analysis. An EDA will help you pull all your data together, quantify it, visualize it, and turn it into information that allows you to ask the “what if” questions that will help you improve business processes and gain competitive advantage.

Deliverables: Visualizations, Statistical Outputs, Recommendations Report

“At Keller Schroeder we have PhD level statistics resources who are prepared to explore, quantify, and visualize your data to determine if your data could be better utilized.”

Predictive Analytics

Could your organization be saving money, increasing profit margin, or taking larger market share if you were better at forecasting? Machine learning allows organizations to automate forecasting that traditionally required teams of analysts. Further, machine learning algorithms are capable of detecting trends in data that humans can’t. At Keller Schroeder our Data Science experts have experience in forecasting everything from health outcomes to index fund performance.

Deliverables: Exploratory Data Analysis, Trained and Deployed Machine Learning Model

Plug and Play AI Solutions

In a lot of circumstances building your own Artificial Intelligence model isn’t cost effective. If your Data Science use-case involves object classification, natural language processing, image annotation or other common AI tasks, then using Azure Cognitive Services is likely the fastest, cheapest, and highest accuracy solution for you. Let our experts rapidly build a deployment that harvests insight using Microsoft’s vast AI resources.

Deliverables: Azure Cognitive Services Environment Configuration, End to End AI Solution

Data Science in Marketing

How well do you know your customer? Do you know which levers to pull to increase revenue from each of your customer segments? Let Keller Schroeder’s Data strategy group help you quantify customer sentiment across your customer interaction landscape and develop customer segments to jump start your targeted marketing campaigns.

Deliverables: Customer Sentiment Report, Customer Segments Report

Written By:

Will Hawkins
Senior Data Scientist, Data Strategy Group


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