Announcement: Juice Analytics Partnership

Keller Schroeder and Juice Analytics are pleased to announce their newly formed strategic partnership, beginning an exciting new chapter for the two companies. Juice Analytics, a pioneer in the field of data storytelling and authors of the book Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication, has built its business around the mission of empowering each person in an organization to make sound decisions based on data.Juice-Analytics

Keller Schroeder is a success story as well. Founded in 1978 by entrepreneurs Jim Keller and John Schroeder, Keller Schroeder is a full-service IT consulting firm with four distinct business areas: Application Solutions Group, Data Strategy Group, Infrastructure Solutions Group, and Staffing Solutions Group. Keller Schroeder strategically expanded its traditional data integration and Business Intelligence services in 2019 when forming its Data Strategy Group (DSG). The DSG is comprised of Data Architects, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists from Fortune 500 companies and helps organizations develop their strategic roadmap for data lifecycle management and advanced analytics.

The partnership allows Juice Analytics to focus on the development of its core product, JuiceBox, the first true Software-as-a-Service platform for creating scalable, interactive data storytelling applications. Keller Schroeder is a Value-Added Reseller for the platform, adding data collection, integration, data lifecycle management, and data quality services to data story solutions.

“Juice has launched a unique platform for building interactive data stories, and we are thrilled to partner with Keller Schroeder to bring this solution to market,” said Zach Gemignani, CEO and co-founder of Juice Analytics. “We believe Keller’s deep expertise in data strategy and execution, combined with their diverse industry expertise, will help us deliver unmatched end-to-end data solutions.”

Cathy Graper, Vice President of the Applications Solutions Group at Keller Schroeder, added, “This relationship made sense from our first conversation. Our complementary products and services, along with our combined industry experience and technical talent, make us a valuable partner for companies of all sizes in various industries. Juicebox is not your typical data visualization product. It is truly unique in how it tells an interactive story, and we are thrilled to add it to our portfolio.”

Business development efforts for the newly formed partnership will be led by Amanda Banks, Account Executive at Juice Analytics, and Rob Wilson, Principal Consultant at Keller Schroeder. “During these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to form strategic partnerships. Keller Schroeder was on the top of our list,” said Amanda. “We are excited to combine forces and bring value to the market in new ways. With our combined offerings, technology platform, and unrivaled customer service, we will truly be trusted advisors for all things data.”

Rob added, “We are known for helping businesses improve performance through leveraging technology and data. Continuous improvement is a mindset which, when properly implemented, is shared across the entire organization. Juicebox is a powerful tool that allows each person in an organization to develop that mindset and make better-informed decisions. We’re excited to help businesses understand what this means for them.”

Contact our Applications Solutions Group today to learn more about this partnership and how we can leverage Juice Analytics to harness the power of your data through data storytelling. You can also find a digital copy of this press release by clicking here: Keller Schroeder and Juice Analytics Announce Strategic Partnership


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